report || alumni who violate community rules || Thursday 3 June 2021 || steemit nursery community

I serve as a welcome assistant for newcomers in the Steemit nursery community, every day I guide and reprimand every member who violates the rules of the Steemit nursery community.

as stated by Mrs. @cryptokannon in the post guide

Steemit Nursery Rules of :
exclamationIf you have tag of Alumni:

  • ok you may post your entry post into the contest organize by Steemit Nursery
  • ok you may post any helpful content for Newcomers.
  • no_entry_sign you should NOT post your other general contents in herex

for alumni users with the emoji fish they are under 500SP Minnow support program and they are allowed to post other contents here.

and in this report I have found 3 people who have violated the rules of the steemit nursery community.

  • @alihassnain

    first reprimand three days ago but he still made a public post the next day and I again reprimanded him for the third time
    and this is proof of my warning

IMG_20210603_175624.jpg warning 1

IMG_20210603_175646.jpg warning 2

IMG_20210603_175720.jpg warning 3

  • @yug75

    the first warning four days ago he didn't care about the reprimand and again made a general post the next day I again reprimanded him but he ignored it by making a third post.

IMG_20210603_180348.jpg warning 1

IMG_20210603_180412.jpg warning 2

IMG_20210603_180430.jpg warning 3

  • @benyi51

    I have reprimanded him and he has read the reprimand and he is back to making a public post the next day.

IMG_20210603_181650.jpg warning 1

IMG_20210603_181730.jpg warning 2


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