Acts of kindness (a portrait of the life of the world's poorest countries)

I will discuss a little about the portrait of poor life in the world, the social gap between the rich and the poor is a problem that many countries face, in fact almost all countries experience the problem of poverty, even when we watch it on various television shows it is very heartbreaking where some of our brothers feel hunger and thirst, even they endure hunger and thirst for days, like the little things that are experienced by the eastern African country of Malaysia in a source news source that I read they sell urine to survive, there is even a program called urine wealth that holds urine to be exchanged for money.

therefore I move my heart to write a little about the sadness of the poverty of this world with the hope that the Steemingzen community and all other communities that take shelter under Steemit, will be open and moved to share a little of our income with those in need in the steemingcharity program organized by @steemcurator01 you only need to donate 30% of your post revenue to the @steemingcuration account with the tagging steemingcharity10pc so from that you have donated 10% to world humanitarian charities, it's really an extraordinary program isn't its.

here are some photos I took from various sources:

Negara-termiskin-di-dunia (1).jpg
a child is enjoying a meal
images (jpeg
children are waiting in line waiting for food rations
the child is eating food that is no longer suitable to eatpicture
they look for sustenance by scavenging in the trashpicture
people with uninhabitable houses along the railroad trackspicture
photos of children queuing to collect water rationspicture

when we see the photos above it really makes our heart sad and it feels like crying remembering their fate and if I and the readers were all in their position what should we do, really we would cry every day to hold back thirst and hunger.

in the following I also want to share by writing down 3 poor countries in the world.

  1. malawi
    Malawi is the smallest country in the African continent
    The livelihoods of the Malawian people are dominated by agriculture with 80% of the population living in rural areas, frequent droughts have caused the Malawi community to disrupt their economy.
  2. Nigeria
    Nigeria's country, almost 80% of its territory is confined by the Sahara desert, so that the country is threatened with abortions and extreme weather changes, making the economy of its population more difficult, making many of its residents suffer from hunger.
  3. berundis
    This small country is still struggling to deal with ethnic Hutu conflict and tusti around 90% of nearly 12 million people change to agriculture, lack of infrastructure and rampant corruption Lela are the main factors for the emergence of extreme poverty.

that's a little knowledge from me about the world's poor countries ... and hopefully we are concerned and help them.

thanks to all the moderators who have guided me
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I hope so, we have to help them

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Sungguh pilu melihat saudara kita yang kelaparan

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