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Peace be with you, and the mercy and blessings of Allah.

by saying bissmillah I started writing this post.

Prophet Yusuf was the son of the Prophet Jacob who had a very beautiful and handsome face
The Prophet Joseph had 11 half-siblings from different mothers. One night the Prophet Joseph dreamed of 11 stars, the eyes of the day and the moon prostrated himself in front of him the next day the Prophet Joseph told about his dream to the Prophet Jacob heard about the dream of the Prophet Jacob was very happy because it was a sign from God that a when later Prophet Yasuf will be a person who is respected and everyone will submit to him and the Prophet Jacob forbade to tell this dream to all his half brothers.



The more the Prophet Jacob loved Prophet Yusuf so that the Prophet Yusuf's half brother was jealous of what the Prophet Yusuf had gotten so that they planned to kill Prophet Yusuf, one day the Prophet Yusuf's half brother asked permission. from Prophet Jacob to take Prophet Yusuf to go shepherding and Prophet Jacob to allow Prophet Yusuf to join in shepherding
On the way his half brother had planned to kill the prophet Joseph by putting him in a well.



After entering into the well they went home and told the prophet Jacob that the Prophet Joseph had been eaten by a tiger by bringing evidence of Prophet Joseph's clothing which was covered in blood, after learning about the incident the Prophet Jacob wept without hemorrhage. causing blindness in his eyes.
and finally the Prophet Yusuf with Allah's permission was saved by a group of evil tribes who took water into a well.

that's my story today I hope you all will be entertained by the story.

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