Digital image (your writing story competition 109) @xpilar

Have to wait a long time. But the same day has come again. The fruit of waiting is sweet. It has been about 45 days. We all have 109 competition . You can also join. I love writing stories. Depends on you now. That how you like my friends.

Even now the heat has started. My friends are very good. He says that we have to go travel around. I have said that you should not dream so much outside. It is good to dream But it is wrong to go out. So we have to make our summer sitting at home. We do not have any means for this. But how can we enjoy the summer break. A friend speaks. That I bring my car. He goes out for a traveling with him. Another friend says that this is a great idea. I refuse again. Because we can also enjoy the journey sitting at home. My friends say how can this happen.

I have asked how many members live in your house. My first friend speaks. That my father and mother live in my house. And my younger brother. There is uncle and aunt in the house. Another friend speaks. That I have only mother. And I have a big brother, and sister-in-law. Has a sweetheart daughter. I can tell you that I have a digital art. Created by WORLD OF XPILAR. In which art can be prepared. And you can also take away the heat. It is a wonderful sight. In which clouds are coming. It looks like. That the sky has become clouds. It can rain anytime. The mountain is visible from a distance. The clouds are touching the sea. They are coming to us with water. And together we can enjoy the holiday.


Digital art made by @xpilar

I have expressed my feelings in the story. It is a nature scene. Which provide us a story of life.

Everyone is welcome.


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Thanks for the great story @ahlawat

13.05.2021 03:44

thank you my friend, most welcome @xpilar

13.05.2021 11:49