Token Economy Equals Yummy Rewards


For those that participate! There are tokens to be earned.

There is a network effect of sorts happening all around us, thank you for this!

Here's a quick peak at one of my wallets, there's 6 different rewards here to be claimed. and I've omitted one from this image. I'm sure some of you do even better than this in terms of variety of coins rewarded!

Awesome thing is I haven't even posted to some of these platforms, these are awesome folks like you in my network curating content from your platform of choice. Very cool, thanks for this. Variety is the spice of life! I fuck with 4 platforms on the regular, BattleGames, Neoxian City, Splintertalk, and PALnet. By sharing and engaging on these platforms, folks that have stake in other platforms I don't visit frequently are still able to connect on content.

These tokens are earned through actions that add value to a network, in this case content creation. For those that are ready to engage, create, share, curate, and add value in this awesome token economy, there's yummy rewards to be earned.



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