Steem Marketing Ramble

The Steem Foundation and the Ramble Discord proudly bring you another marketing ramble. The first one was a great discussion on what are some of the benefits and best ways to talk about steem. We'll be working on target markets and some user profiles.

Positions for 2020 have been set for the Steem Foundation and we're back to work trying to get some marketing plans in place. As part of that Shadowspub (current chair and head of the Ramble) has offered to host another meeting so we get our plan sorted with input from the community. Hopefully we'll have some things to roll out before too long in January.

The Ramble will take place Sunday December 17 at 3pm Eastern. I believe that's 8pm UTC. It'll happen in the Ramble discord server.

The ramble format is we all gather in a room with a gently moderated conversation by Shadowspub. We hope to walk out of there with a little more helpful user feedback on how we should market Steem and to whom we should market steem.

We hope you can come join us. The last one was a great success and we expect this next one will be too!

Notes from the last one

Please find my notes attached from the last ramble.

Problem Statement

Fiat Sucks

Crypto-inflation is planned and serves a purpose, but fiat-inflation is uncontrolled except by the wealthy/banks/government
backed by "nothing"
fees, transfer fees. taxes. credit card fees
strict borders, speed, transparency

Crypto is hard

Pro-Fiat - Vendor charges the precise amount
Pro-Fiat - Accepted everywhere
Pro-Crypto - Crypto is more secure, vendor trustlessness

Learning curve
Mining and fees
Regulatory framework
Keys vs passwords
value comes from?
mediaphobia on crypto

Scroll, like, comment, DM --> No messaging, value?, sbds, rcs, vestsburning, account creation

Social Media is Broken

shadow banning
Concentration of ownership
lack of content ownership
Deplatforming and censorship
Distribution of revenue
bigger org earns from the creator
Rigged/limited public square
favors big media
removes conservative voices

Alternate Vision

Why Crypto is good!

asset ownership
fast transactions
feeless, borderless
"opt in," voluntary middleman
immutable, censorship resistant
broadcast can't be denied, "censorproof braodcast"
free speech delivered, transmission, message available everywhere
Say what you think

proof of brain
lifetime storage

Why Steem is worth

Your momma's crypto
pulse of crypto
attention is worth something
gateway crypto
it's teh people/discord
give a place to write and connect
positive reenforcement
so much creativity
expose myself and supportive
Be your authentic self

Account Names
Support my friends
customer service
social tokens, everyone's money
diverse, global
Account recovery

Nerd/DEV Community

Bandwidth Rate Limiting for Fee-less Operations
Proof of Stake
Proof of Brain

Crypto is hard
a. Steem makes addresses easy.
b. Steem splits key authorities (better than Bitcoin).
c. Steem has several ways to timelock funds.
Crypto is trust

Ease of entry

Media Broken
a. regain control of content
b. maintain chain of ownership
c. recognize/incentivize excellence
d. restore consumer/producer relationships
They're pushing the "public square" idea on private sites. Just use the Steem blockchain and host your own front-end.

everyone receives your post
no content control
comment wars are calmer
no shadow banning

Why I'm Here: It's easy to develop Steem apps and get instant eyeballs to try out my stuff.




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07.12.2019 18:34

you shouldn't link unrelated content, especially in such a tacky & transparent way

07.12.2019 21:05

Thank you @aggroed for this update of Steem foundation. We hope to get more from this initiative coming 2020 when it come to stay.

07.12.2019 19:41

Very nice. However, for one reason or another I can’t seem to get into that discord. My Discord app tells me the invite is expired or not valid.

07.12.2019 20:06

Strike that, it looks like discord is experiencing technical issues right now. Their tech team is tackling it now.

07.12.2019 20:16

It would be nice to see Steem discussed on more podcasts. It’s an easy and cheap way to market.

It’s also how I discovered Steem so it works.

These twitter campaigns are very short lived efforts. But a podcast is much more long lasting and a much more trusted source of information.

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07.12.2019 21:26

Looking forward to it .

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07.12.2019 23:00

.. thank you, real informative..try to participate, sounds interesting and maybe important..up..resteemed..

08.12.2019 00:30

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08.12.2019 11:51

Thanks for the report. I think this post is fine personally. It's Steem specific and has a fair amount of engagement so good in my book.

09.12.2019 10:18

Marketing is simple, you pay money, you get users. Anything that does not cost is called PR.

Look at the TikTok app, that's been around since 2012, but it's only once they started advertising it on other apps that they started to grow exponentially, to the point that they now have over 900 million users.

The community doing little things on Twitter and telling friends and family, or advertising on billboards by the highway, will bring a negligible amount of people in.

If Steemit inc spend money to market, the Steemit community will grow, if it doesn't it won't.

Best places to advertise:

In-App advertising (similar apps)

I have been saying this for 3 years now, one day, someone might actually listen.


08.12.2019 11:52

That makes sense but does not solve the problem : how do you retain users.

08.12.2019 14:49

de eso se encargarían las comunidades ya establecidas para educar a los nuevos miembros

09.12.2019 00:02

lo siguiente es que nuevos usuarios vienen con la esperanza de ganar dinero rápido así como llegan se van cuando ven otra realidad

09.12.2019 00:21

Very true, user retention is all about the experience we give users after sign up, that's a whole other article! :-)


09.12.2019 07:43

The Super Bowl brought to you by steem 😛

09.12.2019 15:43

Great post ... just one small error.. it's Sunday December 15th.

08.12.2019 15:49

08.12.2019 16:01

surely not enough marketing is done, hell when i try to do marketing i get flags from abusers who got free delegations...

09.12.2019 02:05

Thanks for the post.

10.12.2019 15:30