Steem Foundation Marketing Forum - February 23rd, noon eastern

The Steem Foundation members warmly welcomes the public to join us in the Steem Ramble Discord Channel to discuss the website we've been working on.

The discussion will take on Sunday February 23rd at noon Eastern. We'll discuss different parts of the site and take in user feedback to improve it. Specifically, we want to address the message and the content of what the site is displaying.

Plan From there

Step 1. Host the Forum
Step 2. Use the forum to update the website
Step 3. Repeat if necessary
Step 4. Write an SPS proposal with a marketing plan and budget
Step 5. Promote Steem more broadly

Please join us

If you feel strongly about getting the word out about steem then this is a good place and time to express your desires and make an effort to help. We'll see you soon!

Comments 3

Is it a foundation for marketing steem?

12.02.2020 21:41

amazing idea

13.02.2020 00:15