Splinterlands on BlockTV

I had an interview yesterday with BlockTV. I hope I did this community proud. We spoke about the game Splinterlands and growing the market and how Steem-Engine was adding NFTs that day (yesterday!). So, good times. If you think I did ok and you want some folks to learn more about Steem please spread this around.


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Does playing this game generate Steem like on earncrypto.com or is Steem based something else?(UPVOTED & RESTEEMED) Kind regards,

14.01.2020 20:28

You earn DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) which you can trade for steem on Steem-Engine.


14.01.2020 21:08

Thats so cool. Thank you for you awnser. I think this concept is great i like to play daily like one hour on my xbox so i think its a beautiful way to earn passive income this way... I think Xbox PSP will disapear wen a streaming service like Netflix will stand up for online gaming and if they will make something like DEC that you can earn it will change the world of gaming for sure.... I just dont know if that would be the case tho...

15.01.2020 16:29

The cool thing about splinterlands is that you also earn cards if you complete the daily quests and also at the end of each season depending on the level that you reach. You can eaither sell your cards or upgrade your stack.

15.01.2020 17:20

You really did us proud !!!

We on the news :D

14.01.2020 20:29

Good Job!

14.01.2020 20:51

Well done. Love the emphasis on the value of a open and transparent database and how it enables open innovation and co-creation through third parties, as well as other competitive advantages to alternatives like Ethereum.

Wish we could make this the cornerstone of Steem and move everything PoB to SMTs.

14.01.2020 21:36

@aggroed, Congratulations brother and definitely your efforts and whatever Steemengine Team is doing deserves more Exposure because you are writing whole new Opportunity Script on Steem Blockchain.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed. 🙂

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14.01.2020 21:36

@aggroed I love it <3

14.01.2020 21:59

did well aggroed. Below is a link to the video that they posted on steem through 3speak


14.01.2020 22:07

Just finished the whole interview. Great work! I am glad you got to distinguish the difference between GU and Splinterlands.. Like their battles being over 30 min and Splinterlands being very quick, but still very strategic!

However, I wish you would’ve had more time to elaborate on that, because I see people doing surveys, random websites where you click to get a little satoshi, and even blogging on Steemit to earn crypto.. But for me I earn way more just battling for free and earning DEC than I would doing surveys, blogging, or anything else!

Also if you think about it.. A player can do WAY more battles on Splinterlands than you can playing Gods Unchained in the same amount of time. So if you are earning per battle I would think you can make a lot more playing Splinterlands than GU.. Especially for a new player trying to get into a blockchain TCG.

Either way like you said it’s good to welcome ALL the new games, because once millions of people start seeing the benefits of blockchain TCGs and getting into them.. A lot of those people might gravitate to Splinterlands for the quick games, fast transactions, no fees, easy to learn/easy to play game style compared to the others like GU.

14.01.2020 22:18

Next time hopefully they’ll show a battle with some Legendary cards.. Feel free to use this video I made!

14.01.2020 22:22

Pronounced your name as "agrod" and I've been reading "agro-ed".
Oh yeah, you did Steem proud. Love the emphasis on transparency

14.01.2020 22:26

Good stuff, I'll share the video in my upcoming posts.

14.01.2020 22:59

Did I just hear the app is coming at the end of the month! That's just great news.

15.01.2020 16:31

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15.01.2020 16:31

It was a great interview!

19.01.2020 05:16