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I present to you here the Steem Witness forum. This is the discussion that took place immediately following the Justin Sun and Ned Scot DLive discussion. You'll hear from many of the top 20 witnesses. It's 3 hours long, and vest viewed at a faster speed.

We start with general thoughts, ask about worst case scenario forks, and then look to best ways to collaborate.

Hopefully you enjoy the discussion and see how the witnesses review the information presented in the Dlive event. It's obviously a revolving story, but this gets you into the mindset from immediately after it was first announced.

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Thanks for sharing... I will have it on as I tidy up post camping today. 2 days away is enough to both get perspective and feel out of loop!

18.02.2020 02:30

I am gonna watching this! Thanks Aggy!


18.02.2020 03:03

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18.02.2020 05:19

Yo Ed here's what i found about splinterlands

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18.02.2020 09:18

I think the idea that Justin doesn't know what he bought or how STEEM works is pretty naive.

19.02.2020 16:07

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20.02.2020 23:51