Marketing Ramble today at 3pm Eastern

Please join a marketing ramble later today. The sponsor of the event is the Steem Foundation. The Discord host of the event is the Ramble server. @Shadowspub (Foundation Chair) and I (Vice Chair) will be moderating the Ramble today at 3pm to discuss how we can market Steem and grow the ecosystem.


Review the notes from last time
Establish Different Target Audience Segments
Establish Loose Personas
Ballpark Specific Messages
Message Delivery Options


Join us in the ramble at 3pm Eastern (8pm UTC)

This is a place for constructive and helpful marketing plan creation. If you can't contribute in a helpful manner you'll be asked to leave.

Can't wait to see you there!

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Use the countdown timer feature... it's a decentralized feature, even though only is the only interface that currently shows the cool countdown for anyone anywhere in the world.

15.12.2019 17:37

no idea why the bee. just go with it. let it happen...

15.12.2019 23:52