Don't you hate it when the social media companies throttle your views?

If you're like me you've been using social media for years. For the last decade we've been posting our thoughts, things we see, and our opinions on the world around us. But lately something strange has been happening. For the last few years it seems like any view that the ultra liberal San Francisco tech companies don't like somehow gets banned, shadowbanned, throttled back, or demonetized. Is that fair? I might not like what others have to say, but should they be banned from saying it?

Well, if you're frustrated by that too you should check out Steem! That's right, Steem! Steem is a blockchain, and on that blockchain your speech is immutable. No one can take away your right to say anything. All your speech is recorded on the blockchain and preserved indefinately. There's no such thing as banning you. Your posts will reach all your followers. And even when people disagree it's usually pretty respectful.

Give it a try yourself. There's a few different places to start:

Go to to get a free account
Go to and click signup to find paid and free ways to signup
Go to and click signup and get access to a trading card game while you're at it
Go to and click signup even if all you have is a facebook account
Go to and signup there with a credit card

We have lots to do and one blockchain account unlocks a whole bunch of different apps. Give steem a shot and experience a system where your free speech is protected by the whole network!

If you want to learn more come talk to our community of thousands of people who like to chill in Discord.

Today the Steem Foundation (via @shadowspub and I) hosted a ramble style discussion. The focus was on marketing. I'll have more thoughts coming up, but wanted to showcase one example of how discussions around marketing could lead to messaging that resonates with target demographics. This pitch could be a short youtube commercial going out to anyone that searches for "demonetization or shadowbanning." I see it as a simple youtube ad that plays.

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26.10.2019 22:41

ALSo If you need a FREE Steem Ninja account I have 2000 so ask me, Ill allocate lets say... 50 or even 100 to the first real people who come asking me for accounts.. you can have one for yourself, backup, project, family friend, as long as you USE steem, and need this account, just text me for the invite 619 500 3748 (see what i did there? text me for the link, harder to fake a text :) ) But yeah I know its still gamable but yeah account creation, its the great big question rigt now!

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so I have created a placeholder to raise funds for a tribe which, i will reserve a spot for Alex Jones if he decides to come BACK to steem since he once visited steemit inc HQ in Austin back in 2017 @adept told me before he passed away so I can tell everyone now but I mean yeah, we were close to having Alex Jones SMt anyway, I feel Alex has said he is cool letting people use Infowars logo as long as you are reinvesting any profits you happen to mke back into the INFOWAR and I will be doing just that and emailing infowars @lukeredowski @pauljosephwatson @laurensouthern who else joined steem who knows alex... a lot of people @keiserreport @staceyherbert etc

anyway yeah max keiser @keiserreport and Joe Rogan will be so proud of me one day for buildingteh next gen blockchain news system :)

26.10.2019 22:55

Infowars is a gatekeeper. Republic Broadcasting Network FTW

26.10.2019 22:57

Send me 100 bro 😏👍🏽

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27.10.2019 00:20

On steem you get throttled by whales. How is speech protected again?

26.10.2019 22:56

No, on steem no one can silence you. On steem interfaces, like steemit, they can flag you but no whale is stronger than the whole community.

26.10.2019 23:53

I understand that it is simply a set back or a temporary station. I find many people are stingy with their votes and wont flag whales that abuse their station. The bot wars seem to have subsided but many steemians are irreversibly damaged after such battles for truth in speech.

27.10.2019 00:13

Steem provides community based self-regulation of speech with no outright censorship. Content is always available on the blockchain but content that the community as a whole (with wide ranging and diverse opinions) deems unacceptable will have less prominence and may not earn rewards.
This is not censorship.

27.10.2019 05:18

rewards = level of trending
ya your post is still here but no one will see it. Throttled!
100% of rewards ( inflation) should go to investers who power up and dont sell.
Good posts get advertisers, shit posts dont.
So the investers are gone, and the inflation is sold. Steem now .13 cents and dropping.

27.10.2019 12:01

You are on point about censorship, once one is used to steem you usually find it difficult to stay in other social media's

26.10.2019 22:57

in Steem epidemic of censorship from moderators who cannot read.

  • and at a typo?
27.10.2019 08:42

On STEEM, EOS or BITSHARES? have crypto?

Self proclaimed community watchdogs are actually hacking and stalking people.

This group, They are hacking people that enter this discord server . Once you are hacked they profile you long enough to know all of your activities. They introduce workplace gangstalking visits and bring it to your attention cleverly and discretely so only you get it. They are very covert and tricky with everything they say and do in this server. Some claim to have worked for or are working with the FBI and the NSA. Mixed with decommissioned traders and coding criminals, Its a scary mix of creepy people and their intent is to drive you crazy and deplete everything you have ever acquired in life, even your freedom.

My hacking started with them introducing ransomware that has options, dump my coin or delete my system drive. They acknowledged this to me in the server as it happened.

This hacking and stalking is done so they can manipulate the target to pump and dump for them. Threatening and Making victims wear head phones, so nobody in your household can hear thier dramatization towards you. In 2017 this server was side marked as a drama show for entertainment purposes only as an excuse to say whatever they want all the way down to killing a politician. They have a server side command called "hey asshole" making a prompt come up instructing everyone to wear headphones. They want everyone wearing headphones so nobody in your vicinity can hear them mess with you. Fystikken says its because of "mic feedback" but once your a target you get exactly why they make everyone wear headphones.

With headphones on they subliminally direct victims with very low suggestive whispers mixed into their radio shows music. Combine this with them being able to manipulate their own individual outputs sound volume, which they control on the server side, they can pick what individual people hear at any given time. They decide who you hear on the server and change the volume controls for them. They can make some really low or off for those trying to investigate. They control who hears what and know who is who.

This team will find absolutely everything they can about you prior to using their suggestive and threatening program. They Introduce pictures that mean something only to the target, inducing paranoia while they watch and listen thru all of your circumvented devices. They are very aware of what makes you tick. They know your work schedule and use it for work stalking along side of this. I received multiple threatening letters to my work and home addressed to my screen name from this group.

Fyrstikken tells people they are drafted like they did with Facebook at the beginning. He says Facebook was started by forced labor and V2K controlled slaves, just like he creates with his gang for steem and crypto. "Get to work bitch" he tells people once circumvented and intimidated.

If you are an agent Investigating them, guess what? Better start packing. You are circumvented. They are high tech, over funded and well connected.

27.10.2019 21:32

Seems like Steemit is a really liberal platform. It's interesting that the ideas of all users can be preserved in it, not deleted for good. Can Steemit detect spammers too? Because most users that user verbal abusing or bullying are fake.

04.11.2019 09:15