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Bitshares (BTS) now on! (tokens soon)

Hello my lovelies! I have some great news to share! BITSHARES IS NOW ON STEEM-ENGINE!!! WOOT WOOT!

What's a bitshares?

Dan Larimar, lord of all things delegated proof of stake, has had a massive hand in creating 3 blockchains: bitshares, steem, and eos. Bitshares is a trading platform primarily where you can make your own token and trade them for pegged tokens. Steem-Engine has certainly looked to bitshares as a muse as we've created our own trading platform.

Why is this cool?

Bithshares has a lot of people that use them to make tokens and form projects. Many of them are familiar with Steem and EOS as well. We now have the trifecta of Dan coins on steem-engine: steem, eos, and now BTS. So, hopefully people that like delegated proof of stake have an easier time converting between systems.


Just like we can start listing EOS tokens now, we'll also be able to list BTS tokens. This isn't live just yet, but we're working on it. Pricing will be standard. 1000 ENG to get your pegged token listed on the exchange if you're coming from bts or 1000 eng + the bts fee to get your steem token listed as a pegged token on bts.

Seriously, why is any of this cool?

The goal of the platform is to make communities and businesses on Steem and then allow those people and businesses to trade all asset classes.

So, join PALnet, make posts, earn PAL, trade for Steem, and then trade for literally anything in the world. that's the dream and where we are headed. This now includes BTS, and soon will include all of the tokens that were created on BTS as well.

Happy Dexxing

PS Bitshares has some fees on their side. depositing and withdrawing small amounts (5 or less bts) at a time is likely a bad experience or may not go through. I would encourage you to do a minimum of 10 bts at a time.

Thanks and gratitude!

This wouldn't be possible without @someguy123 and @privex nor without the help of @cryptomancer!!!
Someguy built the cryptoconverter program that we use in conjuction with his business @privex, which we use to host the blockchain daemon's necessary to run an exchange. Much of the code for the BTS part was provided by cryptomancer, who hint... has experience with ethereum...

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