Are you a dev that wants to make some money? Here's my best idea. Open source games powered by Scot.

I want this to exist more than I want to directly profit off of it. So, here goes. This is one of the best ideas I've had of late. Wikipedia publishes a list of games that have have open licenses.

My suggestion is that people start pulling a "Nitrous." What do I mean by that? is powered by software called condenser. We forked condenser and then switched the display as the starting point for what we call Nitrous. So, for example displays your rewards in PALcoin rather than Steem.

I think there's a small fortune to be made by an enterprising dev who wants to take an opensource game, and rewire the gold in the game to act as a Scot. So, now people can buy and sell the gold they earn in game. Over time you may have to add some more sinks to the gold to help it maintain a value, but I think there's a small fortune to be made taking titles people already know and like, combining it with a token ecosystem, and relaunching a game that has been forgotten for a while.

Anyway, that's one of my best money making ideas, because using steem-engine is really just publishing custom json and making your game publish some custom json to the chain every now and again isn't that hard for a dev to do I think a talented dev can find the right game and get it tokenized in about 24hours or less and likely for $100 bucks or less. Anything that gets popular I think will sell tens of thousands even in these shitty market times.

Best of luck. Developers start your Engines!

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I wish I could code...

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15.07.2019 12:15

Me too!!

15.07.2019 12:44

There's free online resources that teach you that like code academy.

15.07.2019 15:28

Thanks! I wish there were 26 hours in a day...

15.07.2019 17:42

No kidding!

15.07.2019 20:53

Beyond Castle, Wolfenstein !

15.07.2019 12:18

I would love to see more devs making games using scot and steem-engine etc. In particular it will help when people post on #battle as well due to it's gaming specific nature and being a curator along with wanting to play more games around the place, it would grow well, if done right. An mmorpg would be a great game to play, preferably free to play or just using a specific token to pay some of each month, while being affordable.

Massive potential and my game dev skills aren't that good or I would get on this.

15.07.2019 12:21

en NFT Non Fungible Tokens come out for steem-engine we will be able to make games like cryptokitties... or turn anything into collectibles...

we could see games where you have to collect 1 token for everyone of the elements on the periodic table of elements using google maps and all google maps elements. Or collect 1 token in google skymap for every star constellation, or every zodiac sign. you can make so many interesting games with NFTs and people have an urge to collect.

15.07.2019 23:54

I think there's a small fortune to be made taking titles people already know and like, combining it with a token ecosystem, and relaunching a game that has been forgotten for a while.

And there is a great example right before our eyes....

15.07.2019 12:30

very cool idea....

15.07.2019 12:31

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15.07.2019 12:41

I will reshare this to my fb streams.

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15.07.2019 12:43

Hello @aggroed, and all of you friends... Here in Venezuela the game we are all playing is called: "Try connecting to Internet without losing patience"... Happy new week to all... And you know: Smile ;-)

15.07.2019 12:51

Well there is a man in the world who is gonna solve that.

But you could also use satellite

There could be also something similar in Venezuela.

15.07.2019 14:37

I don't think this game will be very successful😉. And don't loose patience!

15.07.2019 15:55

Sounds like Libya too!

15.07.2019 22:37

Tokenized Nitrous instances of open source games :)
Just as the webs .... now it looks obvious!

15.07.2019 13:43

Oregon Trail is on the list :)

15.07.2019 14:19

Let's tokenize dysentery.

16.07.2019 02:53

I have had that idea too tokenise the gold if you want faster buy more etc. And I have such a great idea for the first pack that will be expandable. But the first World will be such a great one to start with. I will work on a storyline and I have 2 devs I don't know if they want and have the time for now and in the future. You must think about more then one dev who wants to do this.

You need graphics artists, support, system administrators for the servers and a few devs that can solve bugs and security issues (the most important one)

If you could take world of Warcraft spin it around a bit replace the gold that would be a great way. To mine while you play. But those bots... 🙈

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15.07.2019 14:21

I've been thinking the same, but I'll make a video on that very soon. Cuz I think it has a very low benefit to translate them One-by-One and pump em into this 'small' Steem community. We need a way, to convert the active users and I have lot's of ideas around that.

15.07.2019 14:26

I would love to do that. I know html css, basic jquery and javascript. I still have no clue what I would need to develop such a game. Node js?

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15.07.2019 15:58

Didn't look but I'm doubting Eve is on the list, that Plex economy would be great, trade isk directly for steem/sbd, subs in Steem instead of Plex 😋

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15.07.2019 20:26

great idea

15.07.2019 22:17

I created the video with my thoughts on this, maybe you wanne watch it :))!/v/manniman/QmbtU9VsSrFB1RnhEnZVeht4HAsnaSgyLDeg1vt5G7b1i2

15.07.2019 22:45

Wow, I can actually click a video embedded in the steem post and it plays? Steemit has come far.

15.07.2019 23:55

Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. Steem to Palnet was a rather easy switch as both have the same purpose and ecosystem but most of these games would need a ton of work before they'd be properly ready. You can stick tokens into any game pretty quickly but the use case usually isn't there. It could work on something like a minecraft server but that is likely more than 24 hours of work and then you need adoption. If you factor in server costs it'll likely be a fun project but hard to make serious money with.

16.07.2019 14:18

would you believe I was looking at that about 6 months ago and cos I have no dev skills I just left it. Awesome idea. Great minds

18.07.2019 11:52