Buying some vegetables for home

Buying some vegetables for home

Hi, friends I hope you are all fine.
Today I see some white clouds on the sky,I like that very much,then I make a picture with my mobile and shears with you, that's was a morning time.



After I go to bazar and buying some vegetables for my home,name of (Shimla mirch and tamatoes)
That's vegetable curry I want make with chicken then I buy a chicken 🐔🍗.


After I go back home and we make a 🍛 Curry of that's things.

I hope you like my post.
Thanks to all steemians friends.

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I really like the dish of shimla mirch and tomato with chicken this become of fabulous dish

14.04.2021 08:45

Thanks so much for visit my post and appreciation me,yes this is also amazing dish everyone like it.

14.04.2021 14:20