Betterlife The Diary Game 27/04/2021 by @afzalqamar

Hello friends, I hope you are all well and your fast is going well. Today, as usual, I am going to tell you about the day that has passed. The month of Ramadan is going on, which is the holiest month for Muslims. So I have to wake up early to fast and I woke up early today and performed ablution and then fasted and went to the mosque to pray. I went there and prayed in congregation and walked on the road for a while. Then I stopped at a place and after a little exercise I came back home. The children's school has been closed due to the corona virus and the lockdown is going on here. The number of corona patients is increasing day by day. Schools are closed. I came home, took a shower, changed my clothes and started getting ready to go to the shop. I put on my mask and I went to the shop. I went there, opened the shop and went inside. Some of the nature was scattered, I started to keep them in order and cleaned some cupboards.


After a while the company brought the medicines that I had ordered, I checked the number of medicines and the expiry date and paid the bill. Then I started to put the medicines in their place. It is very hot today. It was the hottest day. The heat was very intense. Fasting is a time of trial. Fasting means patience. After a while, it was time for prayer. I went to the mosque and performed ablution and prayed in congregation. After paying, I came back to the shop. At the shop, I was busy with my work and I kept the medicines that were left in the cupboards and I kept giving the medicines to the customers who came and thus this day was the busiest. I was feeling very intense at home so I wanted to take a bath so I came home and took a bath with cold water so I started feeling very refreshed and then went to the shop now I had to buy some things for the house which I used to include vegetables and fruits which are used in Iftaar, so I went to the bazaar, bought some vegetables and fruits from there and brought them home, then prayed again. It's time and I went to the mosque, went there, performed ablution and prayed in congregation, and then came to the shop and got busy with my work. It was going to be evening. After a while, the time for breaking the fast was near and I went home. When I came, I performed ablution and sat down to break my fast. Shortly after, it was time to break my fast and I broke my fast and went to the mosque to offer prayers. I went there and performed ablutions and prayed in congregation. Then I went to the shop and after working there for a while, it was time for the call to prayer and then I came back to the mosque. I came here and performed ablution and prayed in congregation and offered Taraweeh prayers. Now I came back home and ate some food. Later I started making my post which I am presenting to you. I hope you all will like my post. Now I was falling asleep so I completed my post in a hurry.

Thanks to my friends


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Very nice post i like it very much.good photogarphy.

28.04.2021 18:06

Thanks so much for visit my post and appreciation me.

29.04.2021 04:41

He got up early in the morning and fasted early in the morning and started the morning and then because it is the month of Ramadan and Muslims fast with enthusiasm and that is why he got up early in the morning and went to his shop and Customers came to the medical store, you gave them medicine, etc. After a while, the prayers came and you bought from medicine and bought medicine and paid the bill and after paying, you checked the expiry date of medicine.

29.04.2021 16:58

very nice

30.04.2021 03:57

Very nice post i like it very much.good photogarphy

30.04.2021 12:56