Betterlife The Diary Game 10/05/2021 by @afzalqamar

Hello friends, I hope you are all well and your fast is going well. Today was a very hot day. It was very hot. Today, as usual, I am going to tell you about my past day. Let's start. I woke up early this morning because I was fasting. I performed ablution and it was time for prayers shortly after suhoor. I went to the mosque to pray. And there I sat in the mosque for a while and recited the Qur'an there, then I went straight home and came to take a bath, after taking a bath I changed my clothes and started preparing to go to the shop.



In the morning there were light clouds and the weather was very pleasant. I took a picture of the clouds. This scene seems very beautiful to me. Then I took a picture of a pomegranate plant in the house with pomegranates. What I am adding to my post now I was going to the shop. When I reached the shop, I opened the shop and went inside and started cleaning the shop. After cleaning, I sorted out the instructions that were scattered. And I started writing in the cupboards so I got busy with my work.

After some time the company brought the medicines which I had ordered from them. I checked the expiry date and number of medicines and paid according to the bill. Now I started to keep these medicines in their place and which Customers were coming to get medicine. I was also giving them medicine. Today it was getting very hot. The name of the clouds was no longer visible. After a while it was time for prayers and I went to the mosque to offer prayers. I went there and performed ablutions and prayed in congregation. After praying, I came straight to the shop. The whole bazaar was locked down. Due to the increasing cases of corona virus, every man was wearing a mask. It was empty, the shops were closed, only a few people were visible.



It was very hot, so I turned on the 12-volt cooler. It had been off since last year. I turned it on today, so I attached it to the solar panel, and now it's working. You see in the picture. After a while, it was time for prayers and I went to the mosque to offer prayers. I went there, performed ablutions and prayed in congregation. Then I went straight to the shop. Now I had to go to the bazaar to buy something. I went from there to buy some dates, peaches, watermelons and bananas. I brought all these things home. After delivering all these things, I went back to the shop and got busy with my work. It was going to be evening and iftar time was near. I made a picture of the bazaar which is in the evening. You can see that the bazaar is completely closed. I closed the shop and went home. I came home and performed Wudhu. At the same time, it was time to break the fast. I broke my fast. And after that I went straight to the mosque where I performed ablution and prayed in congregation. While breaking my fast I also ate watermelon which was very tasty. I am presenting it to you in the picture. Now I was going to the shop again. I spent some time there and shortly after that it was time for prayers and I went straight to the mosque and went there to pray in congregation and Taraweeh prayers. I read and then came straight home. I came home, ate some food and then started writing post. I am presenting the answer to you. I hope you all will like my post.



Thanks to my friends


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Dear @afzalqamar your diary is very beautiful specially the pictures of watermelon i like your photography...god bless you dear

10.05.2021 22:46

Thanks so much for visit my post and like my pictures.

11.05.2021 06:24

Good diary post and photography. You are right that the heat of sun in increasing day by day and we have to use different air coolers. But the solar air cooler is best choice.

11.05.2021 02:31

Very good everyday life.

11.05.2021 07:29

Thanks so much

11.05.2021 07:59

You're welcome

13.05.2021 08:53

Good diary post and the hotness is at high rate so we used cooler to cool down

11.05.2021 08:23

Thanks so much for visit my post and like it.

11.05.2021 09:50

Sir started his day very well and early in the morning you prayed and recited the Qur'an and then you went to your shop and after a while the medicine man came to you. Bought some medicines etc. and paid the bill to them and then checked their expiry date. This is a great process and the rest of the photography you have done is great. Your post is very good. What is attached to it looks clean today it is running and it is 12 volt air cooler it is working very well and you have prepared the post very well it is definitely the best process you are working very well

13.05.2021 15:51