Betterlife The Diary Game 08/05/2021 by @afzalqamar

Hello friends, I hope you are all well and your fast is going well. Fasting is now our guest and the day is going very fast. This is the holiest month of Muslims, Ramadan. We hope you all You are taking advantage of Ramadan Sharif. Today I am going to tell you about my past day. I woke up early this morning because I had to wake up for Sehri and then I performed Wudhu and then fasted and some Soon after, the call to prayer came and I went to the mosque to offer prayers. I went there again and performed ablution and prayed in congregation.
After praying, I went for a walk for a while. After walking for a while, I did some exercise and there were a lot of flowers nearby. I went to them and went there and saw different kinds of flowers. Make the pictures I am presenting to you now.



Now I was back home, I came home, I took a bath, changed my clothes and started preparing to go to the shop. When I reached the shop, I opened the shutters of the shop and went inside, cleaned some of the cupboards and the medicines that were scattered After I started sorting them, I started to keep the medicines in the cupboards. So I got busy in my work. After a while, I checked the medicines brought by the company. I checked their expiry date and number. Everything was fine and according to the bill I paid them and started replacing their new medicines. The lockdown was very severe due to the corona virus and today the heat was intense. Fruit groceries and medical stores were only open. All the other bazaars were closed and the rush of people was not visible in the bazaar at all. Shortly after, it was time for Zuhr prayers and I went to the mosque to offer prayers. He performed ablution and prayed in congregation and recited the Qur'an while sitting in the mosque for a while. Then he returned to the shop and He got busy in his work.

Shortly afterwards I went to the bazaar because I had to buy some fruit, dates and meat. After buying all these things, I returned home. After delivering all the goods, I went back to the shop and got busy with my work. After a while, it was time for prayers and I went straight to the mosque, performed ablutions and prayed in congregation, then came back to the shop and got busy with my work. It was the busiest day of the day. It was going to be later in the evening and the time for breaking the fast was approaching. I had to go home to break my fast, so I closed the shop and came home. I came here and broke my fast at the appointed time. He performed ablution and prayed in congregation and then came straight to the shop. After spending some time in the shop, it was time to pray again and I went to the mosque to pray. I went there and prayed in congregation and prayed Taraweeh When I got straight home I ate and after that I started making posts. I was very tired and I was getting sleepy so I hurriedly posted. I am presenting the answer to you. I hope you all like this post.

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