The Diary Game Unending Season| Reported through LID | Spotlight: Business Sign post by @afunkycares

Good day steemians , hope you all are doing great? Welcome to my diary for Tuesday,27th April,2021 Reported through LID, with the spotlight Business Sign Post.

I was able to make four successful LID reports.

Business Sign Post : Deals with furniture and all wood products

1st LID report


Beautiful morning dear steemians, the weather here is calm and cool. The month is winding up already. Looking forward to a new better fulfilling month ahead.

Had been up earlier. I did a few Chores. Joined an online business confab. Currently busy with reading.

It's not going to really be an engaging day,just have a couple of posts to write. And assist a new steemian get along with the platform.

Hope you all have a great day,see you in my next report.

Location: Ikorodu,Lagos

2nd Lid Report

Good afternoon everyone.
The day has been just fine for me, how's your day going over there?

After some reading, I turned on my music.
🎶🎶🎶Listening to King of Glory by Todd Dulaney



Later I went to meet a new steemian @daisybussy to put her through on the steemit platform. How to go about the dairy game, partaking in contests, posting in Steemfoods etc.

So she decided to make a recipe so as to post on steemfoods. She has gone to buy the materials. I will be assisting with the recipe as well.

See you all in my next update.

3rd LID
Time: 6.32pm

Good evening guys,hope your day went well? It's my third LID for today.
As I informed earlier,@daisybussy wanted to do a recipe for steemfoods,so I assisted .

She made popcorn using pot. It was really nice and tasty. I also put her through the verification process required in the community.





Later I stepped out to get fish. On my way I stopped to take a photo of today's spotlight, a business sign post.

Deals with furniture and all wood products

See you all in my next update.

4th LID

Good evening once again, hope your day all went fine as expected?

I was able to assist @mrbasis for his recipe video. It was interesting seeing him doing the cooking preparation and all. It's his first time partaking in Steemfoods contest.




After which I left for Bible Study in church. It was a great time as His Presence as Pastor taught on the book of Ruth. Lessons learnt from the Bible character,Ruth. Exemplary charactr like sacrificial love, obedience to mother-in-law,good morals, benevolence on the part of Boaz.

On my way to church

I was blessed. Arriving home,I made semi for dinner. Ate it with vegetable soup already made by @mrbasis.


Pls Join me.

Goodnight everyone,see you in tomorrow's report.

Thank you all for visiting.


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Nice one

30.04.2021 17:51


30.04.2021 20:19

@afunkycares, it seems you really had a very interesting and a busy day. Doing your morning chores, assisting a new steemian, frying pop corn, assisting a friend for his recipe vedoe and educating a friend on how to partake in contest posting and going for a bible study. That is so interesting my dr, continue with the spirit. God will show you the way through. God bless 🙏

affable #cameroon

06.05.2021 18:34

Thank you my friend for those kind words.

06.05.2021 21:25

Wonderful post

06.05.2021 19:19