The Diary Game Season 3|| Celebrating A Little Princess Birthday||14/03/2021 By @afunkycares

Hello steemians ,it's my pleasure to finally drop a diary post of how Sunday went for me. I had been seriously preoccupied with school stuff this week.

It marked a significant day for the Osijo's family,a family who worships at same home church with us. It was their daughter's birthday-Princess Esther. She turned 2.


So on the blessed day, I got up earlier to prepare for church. As a worker, you are to be in church for workers' prayer before or by 7.30am.

Workers prayer started with worship and praises by a chorister and then I was asked to lead the prayers. Afterwhich the evangelist took the message. Workers meeting usually lasts for 30 minutes.

Sunday school started promptly and ended after an hour. Service proper began. It was a wonderful time in the Lord's Presence. Pastor S. O. Olaiya preached about honouring women as they play important roles in ministry,family, church,society and the nation at large. Even in the ministry of our Lord Jesus, woman played significant roles.

Photo Session With Princess Esther








After the service, Esther's parents sponsored the refreshment for the children and adult church in honour of their daughter's birthday. In addition,every family was given a gift to take home.


Here's the gift calendar

Thank you all for visiting.


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