Steem2dWorld 2.0: This is my entry notification and recruit tracker for the contest||By @afunkycares


Greetings everyone,I am delighted to be a part taker of this contest sponsored by @gbenga and organised by @steemalive. Steemit has been good to me and I am happy to share the goodness with others. I have actually been doing this before now. And with this contest, more effort will be made to get a good number of recruits.

I am making this post to indicate my interest and participation in this contest.

Presently, I have recruited the following new users on #steemit:

First is @mrbasis, he has been able to make 9 good posts including his achievement 1
Here are the links to his posts:
His Achievement 1 task

The Emotions of Love

The Cost of Grace to all


My Ideology about Wealth

The Diary Game


The Diary Game

The Diary Game

My Second recruit is @daisybussy. She is yet to drop a post because of a faulty phone.

Expect more recruits from me.
Thank you all.
steem to the world


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Saludos, porfavor! Evita mensionar a las cuentas del equipo de Steemit steemcurator01, 02, 03 y los demas cuentas de curación comunitaria. Sin intensión estamos generando spam en sus notificaciones, puedes entender un poco más aquí en esta publicación.

Evita hacer esto en tus publicaciones

También puedes ayudar a correr la voz con tus compañeros, Gracias.

08.04.2021 17:32

Thanks for the notification.

08.04.2021 19:51