LID TIMELINE FOR 26/03/2021||A DAY FOR READING BY @afunkycares

Hello everyone, welcome to my lid timeline for yesterday,26/93/2021. I really didn't do much . It was a busy day for studying as exams are fast approaching.

First Lid

Good morning ,hope everyone is doing great today? The weather has been calm and cool,so enjoyable. I just had my breakfast of pap and milk with beef.

I will be staying indoor to do a couple of reading except later in the evening that I will need to step out.

I hope we'll all have a splendid day. See you in my next update.


Second LID
Good evening everyone, hope your day went well. So I didnt really do much today. After studying,I decided to step out .Got back few hours ago.
And then I needed to help a boy with school work. Finished with him not quite long.

reading and updating jottings taken down from online lectures

just stepping out,had to wear a sunshade because of the sun


Need to go and make dinner now. See you in tommorrow's lid.

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