Express your Day in five photos ||How My Sunday Was Spent || by @afunkycares

Greetings everyone , hope you are all doing great? Special thanks to the organizer of this contest @wo-photography.

In participation for this contest, I will be sharing photos of how I spent my First Sunday in March. It was a typical sunday I had a great time with my big Sis after Church.

Early on Sunday morning, I got to church. After workers prayer,sunday school started.

seated in church What3words///vipers.recital.export


IMG_20210402_225621.JPGsunday school pamphlet

Sunday School ended. Worship & praises began.



Pastor shared God's Word.


After service, I took some shots in front of the church.




Later went to visit my big Sis. She wanted to make pounded yam, I offered to cook the yam. Then she did the pounding.



Food got ready. And I was served some.

IMG_20210402_225345.JPGpounded yam and vegetable soup

Thank you all.
Cc: @steemitblog @steemcurator01

Here's my entry @wo-photography.

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