CONTEST "SHOW YOUR ART IN STEEMIT" (VI) - LET'S CELEBRATE STEEMIT'S BIRTHDAY ||Celebrating Steemit 5th Anniversary With Chocolate Ganache Drip Cake By @afunkycares


Hello friends, greetings to you from this end. I am delighted to be a part of this contest organised in celebration of Steemit 5th anniversary, by @tocho2 Steem Venezuela.

It's Steemit Fifth Anniversary and I am glad to be a part of it. Joining steemit is one of the my best decisions. It has been a sweet journey aince I joined . Besides the earning potential,I have connected with a lot of great people .I have also learnt a lot of things on this platform, #steemit.

Steemit has helped me to learn about cryptocurrency, quality content writing, food and culture of different people, geography of different nations and a whole lot.

I'm excited celebrating Steemit 5th Anniversary. For this celebration,I made a chocolate ganache drip cake .


Here's how I made the cake

IMG_20210330_151600.jpgbaked vanilla cake in two places


IMG_20210331_093457.jpgbuttercream on top of one

IMG_20210331_093648.jpgthen sandwiched the two cakes

I began designing after frosting cake with buttercream.

IMG_20210331_100619.jpgsmoothened with decoration comb

IMG_20210331_100543.jpgsmoothened top with offset palette knife

IMG_20210331_104051.jpgtexturized the top with a triangular comb

IMG_20210331_104118.jpg done with frosting

IMG_20210331_110520.JPGdripped ganache round the cake

IMG_20210331_105226.jpgchocolate ganache drip cake

Then I finished off with edible gold dredges, edible stars,butterfly cutout and placed a cake topper right in the middle,as seen below.

steemit cake ready!




PlPlease join me as I celebrate Steemit 5th anniversary 🤗

Thank you all for reading.
I invite @ruthjoe, @otydave @peaceace.

Special thanks to @tocho2 and Steem Venezuela.


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Wow. The cake looks really nice and i know it will be tasty too.

31.03.2021 16:28

Thank you ma'am🤗

31.03.2021 16:38

Wow @afunkycares ...this is indeed a wonderful presentation.The cake looks good and desirable.

I like the way we presented the procedure and pictures:this is top-notch.

Best of luck in the contest.



31.03.2021 17:37

Thank you very much @samuel20.
I appreciate those words,really encouraging.

You can have some cake too😊

31.03.2021 18:04

You've done so much well in presenting this to us. Wonderful and delicious cake you made. Please are you closebye so I can have a taste.
Thank you dear for sharing this with us.

31.03.2021 18:24

Thank you for the compliments. Hahaha Yes I am closeby. Will be glad to receive you.

31.03.2021 21:09

Please location, don't joke with cakes. Though I prefer more of the chocolate cakes.

31.03.2021 21:20

Alright. Ikorodu,Lagos

01.04.2021 00:18

Your act is a good one. Your write up good.

31.03.2021 18:27

Thank you for the comment.

31.03.2021 21:06

Wow! You made such a beauty, we are lucky to have you in the Steem community. On my birthday it's you I'm going to contract my birthday cake. Yummy!

31.03.2021 18:28

Oh thank you for these nice words @the opportunist. I'm also happy to be here in Steemit .

On my birthday it's you I'm going to contract my birthday cake. Yummy!

I will be glad to be your baker.😊
Are you in Steemalive whatsapp group?

31.03.2021 20:28

Yes. I joined on Sunday.

31.03.2021 20:58


31.03.2021 21:04

Hello @afunkycares, what a great cake, let me tell you, buttercream is my favorite.
I love this cake.
Thanks for your participation. Now let's wait for the
choice of winners.

Greetings from Venezuela

01.04.2021 17:56

Thank you @tocho. I'm glad I participated.

buttercream is my favorite.

Wow. I love buttercream cakes too.

01.04.2021 19:46

Thank you for participating in the Steemit Nursery Community contest - Hobby Time!

You have been rewarded by @bright-obias, as a member of the Steem Greeters team STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator account @steemcurator03 to support newcomers who enter steemit.

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Have a nice day!

04.04.2021 13:05

I am highly grateful for your kind support @bright-obias and @steemcurator03.
Thank you.

04.04.2021 15:11