Contest Announcement !!! Come and Tell Us About Your Favourite Hobby | Drawing & Painting :My Hobby,My Passion by @afunkycares


Greetings to dear friends from this end. I am delighted to part take in this contest organized by @bright-obias in Steem Nursery community.

Hobby is an activity you enjoy doing regularly,something you do often that gives you much joy and satisfaction. A person can have more than one hobby.

For me , they are drawing & painting,cake -making and reading. I find joy doing these things. Of these these three hobbies, drawing and painting is my favourite.


Drawing and painting is a natural talent for me and my most enjoyed hobby. I get much fun from drawing. It helps me to think creatively and express it on paper. As long as I can imagine it,I can draw it.

It also helps me to focus. Drawing involves a great deal of focus. As you look at the object,you focus well to get an accurate image on paper.

Also A lazy person cannot do drawing and painting . This is to say that drawing teaches you patience and hard work. You want the drawing to be perfect with a nice artistic effect, you have to stay with it and be patient till you get the result you want.

Drawing & painting gives me an opportunity to be dynamic and explore the world of creativity. A mistake can be turned into a design in arts!

Here are some of my paintings on a sketchpad

The least of these painting takes me two hours. A repeated pattern can take eight hours. And sometimes a painting can take days to complete depending on its complexity, complexity in painting is not necessarily the size but the details and blending of colours involved





painting of lacasera drink wrapper (repeated twice)

painting of superbite sausageroll wrapper (just at the torn real wrapper I used)

painting of cream crackers wrapper

painting of milkpower biscuit wrapper (you can see the real wrapper beside it)


painting of a book cover ( yet to finish this)

Even sometimes in the midst of reading, I turn to the back of my note and do random sketches out of fun๐Ÿ˜€. Here is one๐Ÿ™ˆ


I enjoy sketching cake designs too



I can relate this to my passion from drawing &painting. Because of my natural talent for drawing &painting, I got into cake making. As this gives me another avenue to express my artistic skills. Cake-making is an art in itself- there is cake painting,cake crafts, cake decorating, cake calligraphy ,cake moulding.

There is virtually nothing you can't do or represent with cake. A cake maker can model a lot of things with cake: House, Car, shirt ,football field,Cooking pot, Farm, Profession, Book,Animation etc likewise human model such as a man,baby, girl etc.

Some of my cake arts

IMG_20210329_111247.JPGmarble designing with my handmade pink roses
IMG_20210329_111436.JPGa graduation book,hat & certificate modelled

IMG_20210329_111408.JPGcake marble painting &calligraphy

IMG_20210329_111335.JPGwedding cake with my handmade red roses
IMG_20210329_111301.JPG.@afunkycares giving a speech on the cake at the wedding

What is the Imperative Aspect of Your Hobby?

Products of Drawing and painting carries aesthetic value. People appreciate drawings and paintings, especially the art lovers ,for the beauty and artistic impact they carry. And usually offer high monetary value for them.
Same with Cake making. At the sight of a cake, you appreciate the cake. You don't have to taste it before the cake appeals to it. Why? The Artistic Appearance! People don't just pay for the cake itself but also for the artwork (everything involved in the decoration) that makes the cake beautiful.

What is the Imperative Aspect of Your Hobby?

Products of Drawing and painting carries aesthetic value. People appreciate drawings and paintings, especially the art lovers ,for the beauty and artistic impact they carry. And usually offer high monetary value for them.

ow Do You Plan To Create A Landmark with Your Hobby?

As a nurse in training, I plan to make a landmark through my drawing and painting in divertional therapy and also for art in medicine. Divertional therapy is one of the methods for pain management and also applicable in psychiatry cases.

Also, I plan to use my hobby as a land mark in the motherless homes/ less-privileged. There are many less-privileged kids with amazing talents, particularly in art. With sought support from individuals and selected art personnels, art sessions will be organised as a recreational activity among these kids.

From there, those kids with artistic skills will be discovered and signed up for training. This for me, is a way to help and contribute to the future of the kids,promote arts and a way to give back to the society.

Creating this landmark with my hobby will surely involve a lot of finance and time. But I hope to achieve it someday with funds realized from Steemit.

Thank you all for reading through.

Big thanks to @bright-obias, @steemnursery,@steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator03, @steemcurator04,@booming

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Your hobbies are creatively inspiring. I guess you are an artist? Even though it's amateur that's something great.

29.03.2021 17:02

Thanks for visiting.

29.03.2021 17:27

Wow you mean you painted all this, nawa oh na me I choose eating as hobby ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, the love of food will not kill me oh.

I love your works man, they're indeed great.

29.03.2021 17:21

๐Ÿ˜‚You are so funny.

Thank you very much.

29.03.2021 17:28

Your welcome

29.03.2021 19:56

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