Happy Farmer

Happy Farmer is a very unusual experiment. We bring together wildly popular DeFi yield farming and. actual farming! Staking crypto in our Uniswap pools, you earn more than 100% a year in HPF tokens. And a part of the proceeds from trading fees goes towards actual farmers! We've carefully selected 5 organic farms that are ready to implement blockchain in their supply chain. This means that by joining Happy Farmer, you're helping to spread blockchain technology in the real world.


farming theme is more than just a design choice. 20% of the project’s profits will go to specially selected organic farms in Latin America, so that they can integrate blockchain in all the parts of their supply chain. The remaining 80% will go to you, our pool members

The term ‘yield farming’ is new. It means getting rewards for depositing tokens in pools and on smart contracts — very similar to crypto staking. Another name for the same thing is liquidity mining’.

To earn more than 100% in HPF tokens, you need to do the following:
1) Get some HPF tokens. You can claim HPF for free through our wallet. We also recommend that you join our airdrop to get even more HPF!

2) Deposit HPF and some other crypto on Uniswap. In case you’re not familiar with Uniswap, it’s a decentralized trading protocol. It’s built around pools: there is a separate pool for each currency pair. We have 6 pools: HPF-ETH, HPF-USDT, HPF-USDT, HPF-DAI, HPF-TrueUSD and HPF-UNI. To join a pool, you need to deposit some HPF and an equivalent amount in the other target currency of the pool. For example, to join the HPF-USDT pool you need some HPF and the same amount in USDT.

3) Get Uniswap LP tokens. When you join a pool, Uniswap will issue you with special tokens, called LP (liquidity provider) tokens. They serve as a proof that you own a share in the liquidity of the pool.

4) Deposit LP tokens on the Happy Farmer contract
Go to the Farm page, find the pool you want and click on Select. Follow the instructions on the screen to stake your LP tokens on our smart contract. You’ll immediately start earning rewards.

If you want to leave a pool, you can always unstake the LP tokens and redeem them on Uniswap.

Happy Farmer is a real-world project that uses the best in DeFi to support agriculture. Do you want to earn more than 100% a year and help to promote blockchain at the same time? Then unlock your Happy Farmer wallet right now and join one of our pools.


Get 100 HPF ($250) for you to sign up to Happy Farmer. Plus you'll get 10 HPF ($25) every time you refer a user to Happy Farmer.


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