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kumar bishwajit is one of my favorite singer

Hello everyone.

How is everyone? Hope you are well, I am much better. I would like to thank you for organizing this kind of competition for @steemit-network. Through which those of us who like to talk have the opportunity to talk about our favorite musicians. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite artist Kumar Biswajit.In fact we all love to listen to music so I think everyone has a favorite artist whose songs we always hum and love to listen to, like I have my favorite artist being my favorite artist Kumar Biswajit, whose songs I have loved since childhood, he is a talented artist, he has sung many songs, there is no song that I do not like, I like all my songs very much.
My favorite musician Kumar Biswajit sing the first song, Tore putuler moto kore sajiye, which he has made a place in people's minds.
Kumar Biswajit Sir He has come a long way in music because of his love for music since childhood. There is no director in the field of music that you have not worked with or worked with, so today he lives in the hearts of me and all people.


I will never forget the day I had the opportunity to see him once in my life. In 2015, he came to Rajbari in Gazipur on the day of Victory Day on December 16. There I saw him for the first time. The concert is scheduled for the afternoon I used to go there at noon that day to watch Kanchat as my favorite musician Kumar Biswajit Sir will come. I will remember that day for the rest of my life.It was a very difficult time for me to wait that day. It was as if I was not sitting. I was sitting.

In family life, Kumar Biswajit is married to Naima Sultana and we have a son. He is very happy with his family. In a word, a happy family.


I have seen him win numerous awards in his musical career, maybe his whole house is full of awards. Since there is a talented artist like him, maybe the music of our country still survives.
If anyone ever asks me who is the last wish of your life then I would say I would like to hang out with my favorite musician Kumar Biswajit one day and listen to everything from growing up in his life.

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