Promising Statement About XRP From Ripple CEO

Ripple CEO shared the latest developments.

The lawsuit filed against Ripple by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought disaster for Ripple and XRP . Although XRP took a huge hit, especially in the first months, the Ripple CEO stated that this is now beginning to change.

↘️RippleNet Usage Increased
Important Statement from Ripple CEO
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse emphasized that Ripple and XRP are actually improving despite the recent events and deepened his statement. With the lawsuit filed in December 2020, the price of XRP fell to $ 0.17, but Ripple continues to grow and develop in many ways.

Ripple's CEO commented on the case with the year 2020 in his general statement after the controversial decline and rise. Stating that everyone claimed that "all XRP volume will disappear and the XRP price will go to the bottom" after the lawsuit is filed against Ripple, Garlinghouse emphasized that the expectations were not met.

↘️XRP at 3-Year High
According to the famous CEO, XRP has managed to hold on by taking important steps in terms of both volume and price. The fact that XRP last reached the price level it reached 3 years ago while the lawsuit continues, proving Garlinghouse is right. So what exactly has Ripple done at this stage and how does the CEO see the situation in question?

In his last interview, Garlinghouse stated that Ripple has always been mentioned with good news despite the SEC case. Stating that Ripple has acquired more than 20 new corporate customers after the lawsuit filed by the SEC, Garlinghouse emphasized that more than 90% of the customers are already outside the US. The famous CEO shared that Ripple's existing customers were also not affected by the lawsuit in the US for this reason.

↘️RippleNet Usage Increased
The CEO, who shared that Ripple has recently been mentioned with giants such as Trendog and Azimo and that joint steps have been taken, came to the fore with the acquisition of 40% of Trengo. 2020 has also been RippleNet's biggest and most important year, according to Garlinghouse. Stating that more than 3 million transactions have been made, the successful manager stated that a serious increase can be seen in Ripple's fourth quarter report. It seems that the volume of XRP in this product is also not affected by the case.

Finally, the CEO emphasized that he had negotiations with central banks within the scope of digital money studies and stated that everything is in order for Ripple and XRP. As the volume is increasing and everything is going well for Ripple, it can be predicted that the XRP price and ecosystem is very positive.

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