Fraudsters Stealing 8 Million Dollars Received About 500 Thousand Dollars of Cryptocurrency

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Six people are accused of being part of a criminal organization that stole millions of dollars from #disability #insurance. The organization, which has been operating since 2017, is said to have stolen more than 10 million Australian dollars (approximately $ 8 million) and bought some #cryptocurrencies.

In the incident in #Sydney, #Australia, fraudsters are said to have defrauded the National Disability Insurance Program ( #NDIS). According to the #Perth #Now report, the #Australian #Federal #Police (APF) launched an operation in December to investigate various suspects who may have defrauded NDIS. Police revealed that the criminal organization defrauded NDIS using three companies.

🚨How did the fraud happen?🚨
The APF says the criminal organization receives funding from NDIS for people with no disabilities. The organization; It is stated that it provides funding from NDIS registered and fund-recipients without their knowledge, and conspired to steal money from these individuals, their families or NDIS candidates.

When the criminal organization receives payment from NDIS, it is said that the company operators went to commission.

🔥Millions of dollars were seized in the raid 🔥
AFP raided 11 households located in the west of Sydney. In the raid; 8 bars of gold worth about $ 462,880, about $ 462,880 of cash and $ 490,020 worth of cryptocurrencies were seized.

Besides these; #BMW M3, #Audi Q7 and #Porsche #Cayenne, which cost a total of $ 192,870, were seized. A white powder was also found, which is presumed to be a significant amount of jewelry and contraband drugs.

In total, more than $ 1.5 million in suspicious assets were seized, excluding money from the bank accounts of members of the organization, police said.

🚨New arrests are expected🚨
According to the statements, four men and one woman were arrested but released on pre-trial bail. A 37-year-old French man was allegedly a member of the organization and was charged with stealing $ 24,531 for various frauds independent of the criminal organization. The French, on bail, is expected to appear in court at a later date.

APF commander Kirsty Schofield stated that investigations are ongoing and new arrests are awaited.

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