Software Trial Training at the Nordic European Centre


Welcome back, readers! Last week, on Friday, I attended a software trial training at the Nordic European Centre at Jurong East. I apologized for my international friends who do not know the exact location in Singapore. It is located quite a distance away from the MRT station and sadly I did not record the time needed to walk from the MRT station to the building. For the first time in 10 months, I am quite sad that I cannot pray the Friday prayers as the mosque is nowhere near walking distance. The prayers would eat into the lesson time and it would disturb my ability to learn the new software.

As soon as I arrived at the building, I noticed there were gantries leading to the elevators and immediately asked the receptionist for help. She said to register my name at the touchscreen machine nearby. I put in the details and out came a piece of paper with a QR code. I was taken aback because this was the first time that I needed to scan the QR code to enter the lobby.

I had difficulty scanning the QR code to grant access to the lobby. Apparently, I put the paper to close to the small square scanner and the beautiful receptionist asked me to lift the paper higher so that the scanner can detect it. I finally enter the other side of the gantry. In these kinds of things, I was a bit awkward and I thought the trouble had ended there. I had to scan the QR code to get to my desired level! I was frantically half putting the paper on the scanner and pushing the lift buttons but to no avail. The lift went to the basement floor. Two people came in and they had no QR code to get to the level. On the first level, finally, there were people going to the same level as me! I heaved a sigh of relief. The corridors were so long and so clean that I believed the rents for this place must be high.

I arrived too early for the training about 1 hour earlier than the stipulated time. The training was scheduled to start at 9 am. It was my habit to always arrive extremely early as I had a phobia for being late unless, of course, the East-West line had a total breakdown. I like to listen to Japanese songs picked from anime and mimed them while waiting for the first person to open the office. The office name is Glodon International Pte Ltd.

Half an hour passed by and the first person finally arrived to unlock the office doors. She immediately recognized me as a trainee to learn the software and ushered me towards the training room. There were 4 rows of tables with laptops on top of it. I sat on the second row and proceed to turn on my laptop. Edgar, the trainer came in also with a huge ass laptop capable, in my opinion, to run the latest games.

My readers, you must be wondering what software will I be learning or improving should I say? The answer is REVIT. This software has the capability to transform 2D architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and what have yous drawings into 3D models. That is awesome, isn't it? Even before construction starts for that particular building, you can actually test all the disciplines into that model and see whether any changes need to be made before constructing a new one. In the future, I will post blogs and videos about Revit and BIM (Building Information Modelling).

Source: Google

But, I am proficient enough to use Revit. Actually, it is a software addon to Revit called MagiCAD to help us modellers to model the cable trays faster and more efficiently. It also helps to do the structural and electrical calculations pertaining to the project to assist the engineers.

Source: Google

There were seven of us who attended the training from the same company, Guthrie Engineering Pte Ltd. I felt like a student all over again listening to the trainer and I wish every day will be the same as this. I failed to cherish the times when I am a student but of course, we must forge into the future. Below is me wearing a grey formal shirt and the rest of us. That's all folks! Signing off! Sejuk!


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