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Rivers/lakes in Niger Delta, Nigeria
I love the rivers/lakes in Niger Delta, Nigeria not because I am from this party of Nigeria. This part of Nigeria was named after the Delta of Niger River which sits on the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean of Nigeria, so this river splits and spread out into several branches which is the origin of our various rivers in Niger Delta.
Map of Rivers in Niger Delta

Below is map of states that make up Niger Delta in Nigeria

images (18).jpeg

This part of Nigeria it's richly endowed with alot of natural resources like rivers/lake, crude oil, fertile soil for agriculture aquatic animals like fishes, crocodile, crustaceans and so many more.

Some rivers in Niger Delta of Nigeria

images (22).jpeg
Calabar river in Cross River

Okpara river in Edo state, Benin

Niger river

images (23).jpeg
Bonny river

The river/lake are vital in agriculture because we grow different kind of crops through out the year because there is good rainfall as a result of the waterbody that surrounds Niger Delta region unlike the Northern region of Nigeria which experience only little rainfalls, so everything dry up as a result of drought and does not have much rivers and other forms of waterbody, so they migrate with their livestock to feed and drink in Niger Delta region.

Rivers in Niger Delta, Nigeria harbors different kinds of fishes and other aquatic animals which range from crustaceans, fishes, crocodile and other aquatic animals, so our rivers in Niger Delta provide alot of job opportunity for our fisher men and women, the aquatic animals serves as source of income and rich source of protein to Niger Delta people of Nigeria. Fishes are common and cheaper, Niger Delta are blessed with fish and other aquatic animals that can feed the whole Nigeria.

images (24).jpeg
Nigerian Fishermen

images (26).jpeg
Fish caught in one of the Niger Delta rivers

Our river shore serves as a place for tourism as people from different location in Nigeria and abroad visit to have fun and this generate revenue for my state.

images (25).jpeg
Port Harcourt beach

Dredging activities which are carried out in the river create job opportunity and serves as source of income to us because the sand gotten from the the river are sold out and to be used for building of houses and construction of roads.

Our rivers serves as medium for transportation by water which enable us to import, export and travel to other countries and this serves as a one of the sources of revenue for my State

Onne sea port Port Harcourt

Lastly, the rivers in Niger Delta is the one of the landmark that beautifies Niger Delta, it made Niger Delta unique from other part of the country as most Northerners does not know how to swim unlike almost every kid in Niger Delta can swim through river.

Oguta Lake Anambra State, Nigeria

Some interesting rivers in Niger Delta are; Ogbuide river and Orashi river, the both of them are known as Oguta lake, one of the river is fresh water and the other is salt water that can never mix togetherwhen flowing but found in the same spot, it is said to be an angry river according to some belief which said that they were couple and later had quarrels and they decided to go their separate parts and never agree to come together, so they later reincarnated to two rivers that can never mix together. This lake serves as a place for tourist attraction and produce revenue for the Anambra state in Nigeria. I once visited this Oguta lake 2019 when I was taken to an excursion, to collect some water sample for experimental analysis in my school. It's so beautiful.


The rivers in Niger Delta, Nigeria are free gift of nature and the people of Niger Delta can't do with out it and we enjoying all it has been ordering to us.

Thanks alot for reading, Have a nice day.


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