If I can't see it, I can't curate it! - 10 Steem Give Away

Hey Everyone,

Whatsup here, as many of you know this account is a new division of @adsactly and the goal is to support the community with curation and votes for projects that do that.


It's tedious to gather all the accounts that I follow and also sometimes we can get stuck in a rut.

If you think your posts are engaging, high quality or support the community, leave me a comment so that this account can follow you.

In addition, feel free to suggest other accounts I should follow!

One Commenter will receive 10 Steem when this post closes.

This account also holds small amounts of PAL, STEM, CreativeCoin, LEO in order to provide meaningful curation, any TRIBE tokens acquired will be staked.

Please enter your suggestions below.

Edited to add, I read English. No offense to other languages, it is just the only language I read in.

@adsup, by @whatsup and @adsactly

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Thank you for the great suggestion. I only read English, so will be focusing curation efforts on English posts.

20.07.2019 17:53

I see, can I show you an old Posting too when I have stuff in German and English?


20.07.2019 18:19

In my humble opinion (lol), I think my posts are of good quality :), there is also a very good quality community that today has stopped publishing because it has no support at all, some whales promised to support, but I remain in promises, so have a look at @theartemis.

@acropolis, is a small curation community that also publishes very good literary content, it would be good if you gave them a hand.

Thank you very much for this initiative :)

20.07.2019 17:34

If I can't see it, I can't curate it!

Good point, now.. why didn't I think of that ;)

20.07.2019 17:42

I recently received a vote from you and it really filled me with a lot of encouragement, are the things that keep creating good content for the network, I think my content is good, or at least that makes me think about those who vote for me and the communities that support me, which I love. And I would love to tell you to look at the work of communities like @repollo, @theartemis, and @steemitbloggers, as well as excellent users like @willsaldeno, @freddbrito, @manuelramos, @lenonmc21, are some of the people who come to mind to tell you to look at your work.

P.S. I don't remember if I told you, but I think I already love you, and I love what you do for steemit. #steemon

20.07.2019 17:43

Much appreciate the shout out, @fmbs25 - thank you so much!

And awesome idea, @adsup! I'll have to scroll through the comments tomorrow (running short on time at the moment) and see if I can come up with some names that haven't been mentioned yet. 😊

21.07.2019 23:50

Well, curation is a need in Steem and always welcome!
Good content without curation and special without readers is just demotivating.
Here is last post from my art account
I try to do my best in both accounts to maintain the Steem spirit.

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20.07.2019 17:44

Thank you... Do you write in English as well?

20.07.2019 17:57

I try ☺️ hehehe

20.07.2019 17:59

Well of course, I like to think my own content is rather engaging, but then again, who wouldn't?
Anyway, I'm not recommending myself, as @adsactly has been kind to me in the past. I don't need it. But I will nominate for this noble initiative some people whose content always manages to get something out of me, be it a gasp or a giggle.
@marie-jay is a fabulously gifted writer of fiction and spinner of worlds and it really upsets me to see her stories not getting the attention they deserve :) In fact, she's got a longer stories going on in installments, I'll drop you a link, see what you think :D

Another writer I thoroughly enjoy reading is @ginnyannette. She manages to turn the everyday into an adventure and has an amazing way with words, in my humble opinion. I mean, read this post about buying soap, see if I'm wrong ;)

Another gifted author with a taste for the macabre is @deirdyweirdy. She doesn't post quite so often, a shame, if you ask me, but her stories as well deserve more appreciation.

And finally, an interesting writer and very talented visual artist @extractum-lunae. I see her latest post has gotten some @curie love already, so I'll refrain from linking it, but most of her posts get much, much less, so another account worth following, I believe.

Hope this was of some help. Again, congrats @adsactly and @whatsup for this amazing project. May you make a difference in the life of as many minnows as possible :)

20.07.2019 17:48

Thanks Hon, the endorsement is much appreciated, and I agree about Marie-jay. Her stories are terrific and deserve more attention.

20.07.2019 22:58

Thanks so much for thinking of me. I love that you provided this list. We are similar in tastes I think, so you just gave me some people to check out.

21.07.2019 04:30

If you are into serious photography, mostly on film, less flashy and hysteric, have a look at my stuff.

20.07.2019 17:55

You should follow @travelfeed. Not for upvoting our curation compilations, but for the posts that we curate & resteem every day. These are some of the highest-quality posts on Steem, some get picked up by curie or ocd, but many are undervalued even after our upvote, which is only 31k SP as of now. We are also developing on our own dApp at https://travelfeed.io/ which is beautiful for viewing and discovering posts, but we curate any posts using the tag #travelfeed, not limited to posts authored through our dApp.

Some of our best regular contributors that you should follow include @invisusmundi @haydae @livinguktaiwan @gabrielatravels @nickyhavey @waybeyondpadthai @lightcaptured @ctdots @sjarvie5 @worldcapture @digi-me @dswigle @jumpmaster @slobberchops and @steem-hikers / @saunter.

Our team member @for91days is also worth a follow, so is @mrprofessor when he continues with his travel posts.

20.07.2019 17:55

Dude! Thanks so much for the shoutout and continuous support with travelfeed on my posts. You guys keep me motivated to write them to be honest!

20.07.2019 18:04

What keeps us motivated is our great community, and seeing your positive comments under so many posts and on our Discord is awesome!

20.07.2019 23:21


I was talking to a few steemians earlier who are going on holiday to Malaysia soon and I strongly encouraged them to use travelfeed! I was telling them about the video you're on as well and all the amazing things that are coming. Exciting times ahead!

21.07.2019 18:56

Wow! I feel honoured to see my name on that list! Thank you so much! :)

20.07.2019 18:12

You are welcome, it's always great to find a new post/video by you on TravelFeed! At some point I really have to make it to Romania :)
Can't wait to get the dedicated video category up on TravelFeed, then the focus on videos will be the video itself, not so much the post, and we will drop the 250-words-requirement for video posts.

20.07.2019 23:24

Thank you so much for the kind words! And you definitely need to make it to Romania one day hehe :D
Can't wait for that video section on TravelFeed! As I'm getting ready already the next posts and videos :)

21.07.2019 08:11

Me too, I need to go on a few adventures with my Romanian sister here! 😀

21.07.2019 18:54

Are #travelfeed going to start a tribe? There's tribes for this and that, but travel is sorely missing.. and needed. A token would be very welcome I think.

20.07.2019 18:34

Tribes are an amazing thing, but a lot of tribes and tokens are coming out these days that are made of nothing but thin air, and most of these tokens are actually launched not by registered companies and without any regulatory approval, which can cause lots of legal problems, mostly for the individuals issuing them, but also for those buying them, who have no legal basis to recover their investment if the token issuer decides to e.g. massively increase the token supply.

We have been working on our own token for months, and we are still tuning the economic model which will incentivise users, bloggers as well as advertisers to buy and stake the token. We are actively working on incorporation and compliance with regulations regarding a token launch. There will be more details about our token later this year. Unless there are some surprising developments in SMTs (which we would prefer over steem-engine, since SMT tokens based on blockchain consensus are truly decentralised, contrary to the current steem-engine tokens), it will come out as a Steem-engine Scot token.

Instead of using a Nitreous/Condenser instance, we have been developing our own dApp for the past 8 months, it currently is in Beta on https://travelfeed.io/, have you used it yet? There are tons of features to come in the next months, but apart from the much prettier visuals, through the location search, the dashboard and the location picker it already provides some significant added value for travellers and travel bloggers compared to a Nitreous instance.

20.07.2019 23:14

There will be more details about our token later this year. Unless there are some surprising developments in SMTs (which we would prefer over steem-engine, since SMT tokens based on blockchain consensus are truly decentralised, contrary to the current steem-engine tokens), it will come out as a Steem-engine Scot token.

Hey thanks for the great reply. I figured you might be doing something, and yes an SMT would be preferable, but how long do we wait for those? Things appear to be happening but the track record has been poor so far.

What will happen to Scot when SMT's arrive? Is there room for both, or is one going to fall on it's arse and fail?

21.07.2019 08:25

Thank you very much for the mention! You’ve been supportive of our work for a while now and we’re very grateful for that. :)
Kudos to @jpphotography too, who is doing an amazing job at helping us discover new countries with his pictures!

20.07.2019 22:02

Since I focus on developing TravelFeed, I am not active in our curation team at the moment, but I always enjoy reading your posts! Thanks for contributing to TravelFeed with such high-quality posts, we would be nothing without our amazing community of authors like you :)

20.07.2019 23:18

Good idea! I was just thinking about this after a previous @adsup post... maybe you could have a look at the blog of a relatively new user @ioanasolea, who so far has come up with well-written posts and interesting ideas, but fails to get much attention...
And, of course, please give me a follow as well - although at the moment I feel rather stuck... it'll pass I hope :)

20.07.2019 18:01

is engaging 2 comments per post? well high quality, don't now, maybe above average quality? support the community? well i vote a lot.
sometimes i do fun things like this:
or this

20.07.2019 18:09

Thank you!

20.07.2019 23:37

I love what you're doing @adsup! There are so many creative writers here @dswigle writes beautifully and her photography is fabulous, @gabrielatravels too! @plantstoplanks provides wonderful posts filled with healthy food! I would be honored to have you check my posts out as well! Thanks so much!

20.07.2019 18:48

Thank you so much for the nomination! Hugs! :)

21.07.2019 08:11


I would love to put myself forward to be on your radar. Maybe not for this post, because It was happily picked up by some curation trails so I am very happy with the attention it has gotten but I have spent the last two years documenting my work as an ephemeral sculptor here on the Steem blockchain and hope to get my work seen by as many people as possible.

20.07.2019 20:18

You likely have him on your list, but @abh12345, and then if you really want a lot of top quality commentators who also do pretty nice post, and all are on a long term steem ride, his "curation and engagement league" is a good place to find people that care about steem and long term views.

20.07.2019 21:11

He's on my list, but great suggestion! Thank you.

20.07.2019 23:35

This is just for trending!


20.07.2019 22:26

Congratulations @adsup, Your post has been trended by @theguruasia!
You’ve got 6 & @theguruasia got 4 TRDO!

Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!

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20.07.2019 22:26

Oh, God has put you in my way.
Today I arrive at my 200 SP and I am happy because I want to give a little affection to the publications that I read and comment.
I think my vote now brings a little more.
But I do not have enough influence to promote someone.
So I just asked for a little support and yes, I hope it's you.
I have some pedigrees in my personal folder that have very good releases but little recognition.
That's why I leave it here.
In music @steffan Too cool. Play several instruments at the same time. In addition to singing
In art @lunaticmoon You can get to hallucinate with his drawings.
I love your dogs and birds.
In writing @sidequest Stories of height but with a slight freshness.
In poetry @chireerocks and @botefarm they touch fibers and make the reader think.
That's all for the moment.
I do not speak English.
I use a translator.

20.07.2019 23:14

I've add your suggestions to follow! Thank you for taking the time to give these folks a shout out.

20.07.2019 23:37

Oh, Thank you!
Stay great.

22.07.2019 20:28

@mariita52, Thank you so much for your kind mention. Stay blessed and wish you more abundant life ahead.

22.07.2019 12:31

Thank you @chireerocks
All the best and thanks for your good wishes.

22.07.2019 20:27

Welcome and thank you so much.

24.07.2019 16:09

I just saw this. Thanks so much for the mention!

25.07.2019 12:56

Hello @sidequest
I like to read you!
Thank you for contributing to Steemit with your writings.

25.07.2019 14:12

Thank you for this opportunity @whatsup. it would be great if you can follow me as I blog my travel photos as well as trying to onboard new users running the mentor program since the beginning of January. I believe we have brought a lot of personal engagement to new users and liven up the spirit o on the blockchain. We are now onto the 5th Steem Mentor team and moving on. I also try to help other platforms by being their community managers, helping out in translations, participating in their contests to add value to their platforms.

A community that I can recommend is: @steemitbloggers has a vibrant community of active members that add great value to the blockchain.

Some other individuals worthy to follow are: @paulag, @abh12345, @steem.leo, @jaynie, @traciyork, @d00k13, @bengy, @birdsinparadise, @heyhaveyamet and @zord189.

Thank you again for such generosity.

21.07.2019 03:29

Thank you @rosatravels for recommending my posts, you are so kind :)

21.07.2019 12:26

I would also like to be considered. I have been in the Adsactly community for a year but only have been active in steem again recently as I took time away from the platform when my father passed. You can see some of my writing @mumma-monza :)

I would also like to recommend some of the content creators I enjoy following, @byn, @vincy @thekitchenfairy @fitinfun

21.07.2019 04:20

yes please, do consider @mumma-monza, her writing is always superb!

(thanks babe for recommending me <3)

21.07.2019 20:04

You are a keeper, @mumma-monza. So glad to be connected to you, and thank you so much for the mention here :)

26.07.2019 06:17

Hey @adsup (@whatsup) awesome way to encourage content creation on Steem. I was not aware of this initiative untill I got an adsup visit on my post.

Do checkout on @naturalmedicine and @powerhousecreatives account for some good content. They have well bunch of users who always brings quality and meaningful content.

Recently I started curating for helpie and met few new users who are simply awesome with their content, few names that I recall now are @himalayanwomb (travel/ photography), @theartofori (art), @goat-girlz (homesteaed/photography), @ayushjallan (writer) , are few who thrive to make Steem a better place.

Few common names which are quite regular on my feed page delishtreats taskmaster4450 abh12345 tarazkp gelankp and many others who always comes up with some eye opening and interesting stuff.

In case if I help you with community member (naturalmedicine/powerhousecreatives) list let me know, else you can check on their hashtags.

Thanks for the support 👍 ....Steem on!

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21.07.2019 10:17

Thank you very much for the great leads and encouragement.

Also thank you for your work in supporting users.

21.07.2019 23:37

You might consider following @mariannewest and her @freewritehouse, they are very supportive to the #freewrite community. 👍

21.07.2019 12:22

I do post meaningful content, mostly poetry sometimes but not everyday, but I can assure you they are so good that curie community upvote comes for it all the time.

But I have some other quality content writers : @Mariannewest @fitinfun @jayna @bookoons @prechyrukky @olusolaemmanuel @sirknight

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21.07.2019 12:38

Thank you so much for the mention, @botefarm!

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21.07.2019 12:53

Thank you so much for the mention, @botefarm. Right back at you - you have wonderful posts and help people all day long here.

26.07.2019 06:16

Very cool of you @adsup. The people @foodfightfriday could use some support—I have a great idea for you. 😉

Just this past Friday, their weekly cooking competition reached the 52 week mark—1 year of hosting a Friday cooking competition that draws a good deal of attention from the community, dishes out a custom gif, and 3 @sbi units to the winneer. They’ve operated the whole initiative on minimal donations.
ch week, they host many chefs from across the platform to curate this type of engagement, along with weekly winners announcements and deserverve some assistance.
Tks for listening! 👍🏿

22.07.2019 07:03

There are some Food Flingers that put in some serious work on their #FFF posts and I feel a lot of the time they go unnoticed. Thanks @dandays for for getting @foodfightfriday to the curation table. I’m sure @foodfightfriday will show up sometime today. That slacker seems to always be running late... lately.

22.07.2019 13:23
22.07.2019 14:20

@adsup, Great to know about your Initiative and hope that it will going to boost Steem Community by encouraging valuable content. Good wishes from my side.

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22.07.2019 12:33

I work on three blogs here. I post 2-4 posts on each blog each day, cycling through various dApps: below.
@fitinfun - freewrite, Minnow Tips, Photography and travel

@fitinfunfood - food, ccc posts, tasteem restaurant reviews, dpoll about health and weight loss

@bxlphabet - dApp and gaming reviews, dpolls about dApps and STEEM questions, song lyrics

Also nominating:
@mariannewest - leader of freewrite and freewritehouse
@myjob - the awesome life of a fisherwoman
@world-travel-pro - showing us the world is open to us
@majes.tytyty - helping little people learn how to write, great photos, and cool music posts.
@danielwong - wonderful food posts, and takes steem for payment at his food truck.

Thank you so much for the offer :)

26.07.2019 06:14


This mindset is akin to the positive engagement being spread via @heyhaveyamet , an initiative that finds new Steemians, and provides them a positive exposure on the Blockchain. This wonderful initiative is ran by @xcountytravelers, @brittandjosie, and @jamerussell... who just happen to be a part of the @steemterminal, which is a sister group of @heyhaveyamet ...that provides new as well as current Steemians, a perfect place to access vital information, help, and a place to have fun; these all provide the needed tools to become wonderful Steemians on our Blockchain.

I am a Moderator for the @steemterminal, and love helping people find their way... also, when not engaging with members at the #steemterminal, I am also a Writer for the @steembasicincome Group, showcasing prominent members that are a part of the #SBI initiative. I also have created my own initiative to spread positive energy on our Blockchain named #thoughtfuldailypost... this is a great way to help those who might be having trouble, finding something to post about.

All of these things, are just a part of the reasons that I love to help spread the vibe of positive engagement, through proper citations, sourced graphics, and meaningful content.

Thank you for the opportunity, to emphasize the importance of true interactions, through positive engagement...

26.07.2019 10:24

I would say @theluvbug and @steemitbloggers two accounts that hold so many good engaging steemians all thanks to @jaynie i’d say check it out

26.07.2019 12:24