The diary game 07/05/2021I had a very busy and happy / sad/ day

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Hi friends!
How are you I hope all of you are fine. today is a different day for me. because this is the last day of me in University.
whenever the students of a single class are about to leave their institution they are given a farewell party . a function is organized in their owner by the junior student the queen is full of mixed feelings both joy and sorrow.
so i said today is the last day of my University. so my juniors plan a farewell party for us. I get up early and dressed well and move towards the university. I arrived at University at 4:00 p.m. I was very impressed to seal the arrangements our juniors buked marriage hall for the arrangements the regiment was pretty good and neat and clean.

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the staff members what to sit on the chair is the first row and the horse class is busy e for the regiments. so as you know the party have to start on time at first a variety of shows was present. first of all he called a student name Adnan yaseen to deliver a farewell speech he made a moving and emotional speech his speech was full of emotions confidence and soreness.
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we also extend am good wishes on behalf of others his way of presentation brought tears in the eyes. because this is the last day of a University we all know that after this day de do you will never meet to each other everyday this is very e hurting to us the day we spend with each other was pretty good and nice we enjoy a lot and learn a lot of things in the university.

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in the end the principal Maid a impressive speech in his favors message he give us some pictures of devices he moved a fervent appeal to students on sound lines after his encouraging speech the functions come to end last of all students had a sumptuous tea. all students it made a lot of pictures because all the knowledge this is the last day that altogether. After all of this principal and members of teacher teaching staff while leaving the felt very sad.

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Why what has happened today, why are you worried that you have a world, this situation has to pass like this

08.05.2021 03:29

good day bro and sad too because we leave our beloved friends but it is the part of life

08.05.2021 03:55

Now that was why sadness was being left of you who are the best fr

08.05.2021 07:07