Visual Assistant - Customizable Magnetic Eyewear System

Visual Assistant

Customizable Magnetic Eyewear System



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Well every one wants awesome pair of glasses now every new day we have to face different weather conditions such as rain, smug etc so in order to maintain good vision we need different types of glasses.

Therefore i like this VA system coz it is most customizable eye glasses and it comes with variety of magnetic filters in different colors to protect users from sun or enhance their vision in bad weather conditions.

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It also allow users to even install their prescribed lenses in it on top of that all filters are polarized and blocks harmful UV rays too.

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I like this idea to allow people change filters on glasses quickly and safely!

23.08.2019 19:47

I really love this idea. We can now have different style in the same glass. Also people who use powered glass can switch to sun glass easily.
Nice find!

24.08.2019 11:53

Personally I don't see this catching on and the glasses that adjust according to light conditions automatically are hassle free. I just see this as a hassle and just a gimmick.

24.08.2019 13:46

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