Solar Boat Twente - Solar Powered racing boat for daredevils

Solar Boat Twente

Solar Powered racing boat for daredevils

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It's another cool racing boat making the name for itself with it's high solar power efficiency and it is also compete in the solar sports one competition this boat is definitely gearing for some recognition.

Users can also have the option to donate to the students of twente's team so they can achieve solar panels with 35% more efficiency, undoubtedly this boat prove that solar energy is reliable and wicked cool.

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07.08.2019 03:27

This is really cool because it helps you to feel the breezy atmosphere.
And then, you can enjoy your race or sports.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

07.08.2019 10:37

What a fantastic boat, so stylish and elegant. Such sports are really entertaining. Great hunt.

07.08.2019 14:47


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