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Did you know that you have very little time to convince an Internet user of the interest of your site? Depending on the source, this time varies from 15 to 5 seconds ! This shows how essential the first impression is.


And to retain attention, your site must respond positively to 3 essential questions :

Is the graphics nice?
Is the navigation intuitive?
The goal is it clear?
You therefore only have a few seconds to identify yourself, distinguish yourself and make the visitor want to go further. Nice challenge, isn't it?

Let us return for a moment to these three fundamental questions.

Pleasant graphics
The image your site conveys is crucial. Without even having met you, the Internet user picks up signals and forms an opinion about your company from your site. If this first contact gives him confidence, he continues otherwise he goes his way.

Here are some elements to take into consideration : the association of colors, the choice of typography and visuals, readability (highlighted words, airy and structured texts with titles and sub-titles), the density of information (blocks of text not too long, highlighting important information) and finally the graphic consistency of the whole.

Intuitive navigation
You know the adage: “What is conceived well is clearly stated. »And web ergonomics are like poetic art: if your ideas are clear and your message sharp, the structure of your site should reflect this simplicity .

Consider testing your logic with outsiders. Because everyone has their own way of understanding information. What seems clear to you may be less so for someone else. Better to make sure that your visitors easily find the information they have come to seek from you.

To do this, various structuring elements (such as menu, “call-to-action” buttons, logo, info-contact) must be displayed in a consistent and recurring manner on each page of your site. Because a user does not always enter your site through the home page.

A clear objective
What do you have to offer? What services, information or products? What makes you different from the competition? What are the benefits for your visitor?

The consumer has little time and almost unlimited choice. Making his life easier and giving him all the information he needs is a good starting point to help him make a decision.

Finally, the human is at the heart of all activity. Don't neglect it! Too many sites fail to showcase the people who bring meaning and life to the business. Introduce yourself and your team. Your products and services will gain an extra soul.

To conclude
If you haven't launched your site yet, take the time to think about these 3 questions, talk about them and test your idea (and not only with your web agency!).
If, on the other hand, your site has been active for a while but you are not satisfied with the results obtained, take the time to do a little survey of your customers and your visitors before changing everything.

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@tipu curate

06.04.2021 18:06

hi dear friend @adityajainxds

Better to make sure that your visitors easily find the information they have come to seek from you.

When we build a website we must think exclusively of users, we must satisfy varied needs and provide a friendly interface, thank you for sharing these good tips

06.04.2021 22:44

You have raised valid points and I believe it is the same for everything we post on hive as well. Nice piece

07.04.2021 10:50