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Wim Hof's superpowers are the result of constant training and a special breathing technique. He is convinced that complete control over the body and getting rid of diseases is available to everyone.

The Wim Hof ​​method includes:

complex of meditations,

breathing exercises,

cold baths.


What Will Happen to You?

A powerful charge of energy from the planet.

Complete reboot in all areas of life.

The ability to completely disconnect from the routine and devote time to the most important thing - self development.Comfortable environment of an eco-spa hotel and the care of the organizers.

My Experience To The Challenge

Hello, I am here to document my journey. I am taking on to this new breathing method. I came across recently and it looks really promising.

How it goes in case.

it's of very helpful to me and anyone. I am getting really positive results because i have
never tried breath work before but I hear nothing but positive things and i'm definitely willing to try it even though it does seem a little kooky but i'm a little kooky myself so why not the purpose of the wim hof method from what i've read is to regulate your body on a very deep cellular level. It  basically really increasing the oxygen levels
in your body which provides a multitude of benefits that i won't go into because I don't remember them off the top of my head.the Guided breathing technique that has on youtube and it's pretty compelling stuff.

it's having a really big impact on people globally which is impressive just bought a miracle pill.This technique of breathing method was developed in an effort to really self-regulate on a cellular level and really
harness that inner power to have control over your inner workings. I respect
the most about

wim hof is that he invests and pursues scientific research on this method and really
gaining as much credibility as possible to show that it is worth investing the time and effort into and that's i think what compels me. yeah i'm going to try this for 30 days straight see. how it goes and bring you along that journey and we'll find out what happens in 30 days well i'm about a week and a half into this and so far i'm pretty impressed my most noticeable difference so far is that I get
a lot of tension headaches because i'm constantly like claunching clutching
clenching my whole head without even realizing it so like jaw pain hasn't been
as persistent. i get a lot of pain up here that's hasn't been a huge problem.i can notice
a difference so that's encouraging anxiety has been lower than normal not getting
too hopeful but you know it's a pretty good sign what else energy level in
general is pretty good.

i'm excited to keep going and keep breathing with my friend wim so well it's been 15 days
of doing the wim hof breathing technique and full disclosure, My adult life gotten busy it was a little chaotic so i missed
four days of doing the breathing technique but i still got 30 days and it just wasn't consecutive days but i feel like after doing it for that long a period of time for 15 days in a row i feel calmer and
less stressed it was really interesting.wim hof's website does say it helps boost
immunity i don't know if that's in  combination with the cold showers or if the breathing method because you're oxygenating your body oxygenating. with these oxygen levels in your body from

the breathing i guess is supposed to help with immunity if you try wim hof  you're not going to be disappointed and i really do think you should try it i think everyone should be doing this it's a subtle change but it's positive and effective enough that i strongly believe in in this method now but enough about what i think at this point.

If you started on this breathing technique all you need is 10 minutes every day so in
super summary i recommend everyone try this breathing techniques for at least
two weeks to really see the difference it makes in your overall mental state
and your stress levels if you have attention headaches like me i think you're
going to be pleasantly surprised the outcome of doing this method and with that if you haven't already.

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Greetings friend, what a good breathing technique, nowadays with how busy our days can be, a lot of stress is generated, having this type of alternatives according to your experience I see that it can be of great help to lead a more calm and healthy life.

Thank you for sharing your experience and have a great weekend.

09.04.2021 15:57

Interesting experience. Thanks for sharing

09.04.2021 16:45

hi @adityajainxds ,
this is one of the most powerful breathing techniques I know, I have been doing it for a couple of weeks now and the truth is that the improvements in terms of health are quite noticeable, soon I will create an article about My results for now what I can share is that you will see results with the first breathing session.

10.04.2021 13:23

I think this same breathing technique is also adopted in some Yoga exercises which makes it more beneficial to the health.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️♥️

10.04.2021 15:27

I am also doing it every day and have some noticeable changes that I will share today in my post. Great post brother.

11.04.2021 10:35

Hello friend, a very useful and interesting practice for many people, including me. Meditating is something very powerful to relieve our stress and anxieties, I say this from experience. It is a practice that we should all take advantage of since we can watch videos anywhere on the net. Greetings.

13.04.2021 00:29