Do you think your idea won't sell?

As usual, I was surfing the Internet again, has predicted I was seeking for information and way to improve my writing skills. I stumble across a story of a young man which interest me. He is a programmer, you might have heard of me, but I believe this will serve as motivation for those of us who always think our ideas won't work or sell.

Nicholas D'Aloisio is a British computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of Summly, a mobile app which automatically summarises news articles and other material, which was acquired. To read more about his career, background and successclick hereNick_D’Aloisio,_Founder,_Summly_@_LeWeb_London_2012_Central_Hall_Westminster-1238.jpg

Quite surprising that a 23yr old internet entrepreneur, nick d 'aloisio had shocked the world with his technological creativity, i was dumbfounded when I read about it. Has it been learning from infancy and if not, how come he is so talented at that tender age. So it down on my that environment in which we find ourselves makes a lot of difference in our life, though that doesn't limit us to achieve whatever we have in mind to do.

He became an internet entrepreneur at the age of 15,he later got an idea of creating an app that can accumulate words for iOS,he began to work on it for years.

He successful create the app and named it SUMMLY, but unfortunately it was rejected by many internet companies, he didn't quite after all even due it made him angry and upset, but he never give up. He rather keep upgrading and so say no to discouragement factor that may hinder him.

Just as he said,when he was interviewed years back "whenever I returned to school everyday,I walked straight to my laptop and keep sending mails upon mails for them to consider my product "

We can see how consistency he is here without surrendering to false hope, rather he keep working to improve on his work till he was conditioned.

Fortunately for him, yahoo discovered that the app will boost their profitability and make their work run effectively. At last, they finally bought the app for 30 million dollars [10.8 billion Naira ]

He is now the fourth richest kid in the world, he won apple design award in 2014,he received many accolades including Wall Street Journal 's "innovator of the year ",time magazine 's one of the most influential teenager

The strange thing is that, he never believe he know it all rather he keeps on working on himself. Right now he is a student in Oxford University.

Where are you ideas? Ready to shake the world in a positive.

Lesson; don't hide your idea no matter how stupid it is at first.
Bring it out!

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Sometimes we underestimate our abilities because we're intimidated by people

21.01.2020 14:04

That is absolutely correct brother, we thought of what we be the people response around us, whether they are going to accept our idea or not. No good idea is welcome at first because they will surely look down on it and think of the negative side of the ideas and reason why they felt it won't work.

We, human, are pessimistic in nature, that is expect something bad to happen in a specific situation most especially when obstacle set in.

21.01.2020 15:26

Hi @adeyemidrey

The most important thing above all is to have the idea that you want to develop and that this idea is for the benefit of many intended only for one.

Greetings from Venezuela

21.01.2020 22:27

I agree with you on this, once we set out to achieve a desirable result, we will surely have it with commitment and consistency at work.

22.01.2020 02:59