Attention Economy


In this video I talk about Attention Economy. It is a real thing.
We are insulated from it here on DTube, but when/if we reach critical mass, it will become a thing too.

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Well we can make do of the attention economy to generate some revenue for the platform. In the long run self regulation of tokens by way of voting will not be sufficient as there will be spillages. People will sell their dtc.
Spending money on promoting your business or platform is never a waste

09.11.2020 13:04

I've seen an incredible number of channels set up just to talk about both the elections in the US, and the ENDSARS thing. So much fake news and excessively sensational headlines. The sucked out all the oxygen in the room.

09.11.2020 14:10

It is true, I think the way Dtube works is very different. I think this experiment will be copy by others platforms soon.

09.11.2020 18:43