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Spring is coming and I'm starting to think about holidays and travels. Obviously the big obstacle of uncertainty right now is the COVID-19 issue. It threatens to completely shut down travel this holiday season.

I wrote an article last year about the uncertainties in the travel industry due to the economy, and the collapse of a major European travel agency. While on Gran Canaria, I saw the panic first hand as different resort chains scrambled to offer holiday makers freebies with the hope that they will chose to come back the following year (this year).

Now we have yet another issue to add on top of that. Things could really cascade into a recession very quickly as many people have been warning/predicting for a while.


As of today, the entire country of Italy is on lockdown. Even without the lockdown, I already crossed that off my list anyway. Normally Italy features highly on my list since it's not too far from here. I thought this could have been the year I finally visited Florence. I guess not.

Forget about it. In fact, coronavirus apart, I decided I won't come there until you people calm the heck down. I was there two years ago and had an amazing time traveling around the nation. I really enjoyed Nevada and Arizona because I love the sun and arid land. The Grand Canyon is truly an incredible experience.

I did have two incidents - one in New York City with the police drawing a gun on me for simply standing still. The other was in Las Vegas where the police was called on me for walking. Again, with the guns. What a strange country.

I actually was considering attending the Olympic Games in Tokyo! Well, not anymore. It' may not be happening anyway, and of course, COVID-19 vibes.

A couple of friends of mine that I went to school with asked me to come on a holiday to Senegal with them. I said yes, of course. Alas! Two cases of COVID-19 infections have been reported in Senegal. I'm hopeful that it won't spread there since the weather isn't really conducive to flue viruses - It's arid and extremely hot and sunny there. It's one step removed from being in the Sahara. So this particular trip might still happen. We plan on staying in the rural areas anyway.

Well, there are multiple cases here already and there have been deaths in the UK. Being an island, I hope we don't run out of food haha. Seriously though, I'm glad we're at least heading towards summer. The sunshine, if we get some, should help halt the virus in its tracks.

I have two non-holiday related trips within Europe. Those may be cancelled as well. This is not because I don't want to go, but I suspect those countries may close their boarders. And since we're not part of the EU anymore, we are theoretically an external threat.

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Here in Venezuela we are relying on our tropical climate to protect us from the coronavirus. Greetings, @adetorrent.

10.03.2020 14:39

I hope it does. You've already been through too much.

10.03.2020 16:31