Accidentally In Love With Khaleesi 🐉

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On the lawn behind my place, a solitary yellow flower stands proudly amidst a crowd of white petals

Happy Sunday everyone.

I was planning to sleep in today, then mow the lawn first thing in the morning - even before breakfast. Change of plans.

First, I accidentally woke up early and made the drastic error of looking at my phone. I was immediately sucked into a vortex of Game of Thrones memes. It took me an hour to get out. I'm now also nursing a huge crush on the mother of dragons.

It has also rained overnight, so the lawn isn't safe to mow just yet - maybe later on when/if the sun shows its lovely face through this ghastly cloud blanket.

Otherwise there's actually quite an exciting photowalk that I might join later too. It'd be fun to garb some content for a video I guess. Plus, I do enjoy the company of other photography enthusiasts.

What are you up to today then?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

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I've let my lawn grow long this year, for the first time. It wasn't intentional: the cable to my lawnmower had frayed. Then it rained alot. But the garden looked really pretty. In desperation (it was getting pretty long) I went at the tallest grass with the garden shears ("these are old school" my shear sharpener told me), just a savage cut like a knife and fork before my neighbours started catching me in the drive :) Later, I did a high cut with the lawn mower. All sorts of other low growing plants with pretty flowers have started to appear. I think I prefer the meadow look.

14.07.2019 09:43

I think I prefer the meadow look.

Me too! :) It looks much more natural.

14.07.2019 09:46

The shot is simply good. Happy sunday

14.07.2019 13:22