Coinbase lists Doge and Solana


When I first joined Coinbase, we only had a handful of coins we could trade on there. We also didn't have any GBP pairs. We had to first exchange into Euros and lose a little in commissions.

Nowadays, especially recently, they've listed a long list of coins. The latest are Doge and SOL. Trading hasn't yet commenced at the point of writing this, but the listings are now visible. I suppose you are able to now deposit those coins into the exchange in preparation for the opening of trading.

I'm expecting to see the usual exchange pump, dump, bounce, dump pattern until the coins stabilise. I'm not a big fan of Doge, and I'm currently indifferent about Solana, so I won't be getting any of them, but I just thought it's interesting.

I wonder if we will one day see a Hive/GBP listing in Coinbase.


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