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A lot of questions in life has the answer in it. There is nothing as difficult. Puzzles have their solution in them. What is needed to solve puzzles is our power and ability to put together what is scattered. When you know the clear picture, puzzles are no problem for you. The most difficult question in life ends with a very simple answer.

My journey on Steem has been a wonderful and encouraging one. I started it all as a baby who has no direction and I had to ask questions from people so that I do not miss the way. Rough was the way though, but giving up was never an option. Kudos to everyone who helped me. I can't begin to mention names. But I appreciate them all and have mentioned some of them in a post recently. Read This post

Now I am getting more certain and clear about certain things. I'm under the steem mentorship of @surpassinggoogle becoming a legit illiterate. I thought steem was just a place to earn but now steem is the world to me. It is gold! Its a place where real life dream can begin and be fulfilled

Real life dream can begin here on steem! Tell me what you see. Your vision👁

I have been passionate about creating more ideas in the growth of steem for some couple of days. My assignment in life is to help everyone have a better world. I have to prove that first by helping steem-world get better.

My heart has been pondering over a lot of things. Different ideas are rolling over my mind. Some meaningful to me and some meaningless. Yet I appreciate the fact that it's an idea from my heart. Its another good sign that my mind is in oneness with me in solving problems and creating values. Its a normal experience for someone who mines the human and digs the mind for answers.

@steemitblog recently acted on a suggestion I made. This post

I was excited but I am not relenting. I'll do even more and shed more of the nations. I believe we can achieve more than we have ever achieved. Our achievements should be progressive. Achievements can be dangerous sometimes. If you let your achievements keep you from doing more, you'll fail and you'll be stagnant. I won't relent in mining and digging.

There is more. What is to be done is always more than what has been done.

I call my mind for more ideas! I'm digging my spirit for solutions! I'm mining my human for answer!

If no one told me about steem I wouldn't have had any idea about it even till now. The same thing applies to you. You are here because someone told you about steem. Therefore information is key! I appreciate the massive mail that was sent, but that's the part which the management of steem has to play. We also have parts to play. And even most of the parts is ours. The management of steem has done a very good job by sending mails to steemians all over the world. But that is just the first step. If you have ever brought any one to steem or perhaps registered anyone befoore, trying to reac out to them again.

One more idea, do you know telling at least one person about steem every day will help pull the crowd? You can do it. Tell at least one person about steem everyday. Let every day begin to count. The day you heard about steem, if you weren't told you wouldn't be here. If you tell one person every day about steem, you can record a minimum of 30 people in a month. Sounds nice? You can do it!

Open you eyes and perceive what I sense. There is a lot we can achieve when we come together in unity. We can make things happen when we use each others idea. Use my idea I will also appreciate yours.

If you have any idea, kindly comment under this post. Thanks!

I'm @adesojissouljay.


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