I am facing wars and battles, some steemians that have seen me can understand. Help me brothers and sisters on steem.


Hello, I am @adesojisouljay, i love steem i have proved my passion for steem severally.

I'm going to make this post so brief and short. I have a lot to pour out but i don't have the strength at the moment. I am on a war, a serious battle. But I'll overcome. I am worried and not also worried. Its a paradox but God understands.

Now is the time to put my faith into action.

I wasn't online for some days now, not because i didn't want to but because of certain issues which my God will give me control over. My phone developed fault, I was not financially buoyant, but I trust God. The house I'm living in has a lot of issues tied to it. There are people threatening and fighting! I have chosen to be strong. I can't go into details but it is so deep! Deeper than you may think. Sone steemians who have seen me recently understands. I am not trying to get the attention of anyone. I am seriously in a battle, it's spiritual-physical, but I'll win.

I'm typing this with deep tears in my heart. I am not supposed to share this but I feel I should share with my families on the steem blockchain. There are things that are so heavy for me to say right now, so I'd rather keep them to myself so that no one misinterprets me. I need some help but I trust God for the right people.

I can't even post my 'creative minds contest today'. I need encouragement on it. So far no one has participated.

I understand that the steem blockchain is powerful and supportive. Help me and encourage me. We are one family. Look at all my works for steem, go through my blog, I am a steemit enthusiast to the core.

I was planning to take my promo-steem works to Olabisi Onabanjo University campus but this trouble showed up. Now my concern is a roof! A roof over me. I can't say more than that so that I am not misinterpreted.

If you can be of help,I am available on discord @adesojisouljay#8666. Please I am humbly seeking your support. Its not an obligation. I can explain better to you on discord.

I'll try my best to force a video this night but if I can't I will do tomorrow.

Thanks for your concern!

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Sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope things get better soon.

Posted via Marlians.com

10.11.2019 17:51

Amen... I'm a man of faith, I'll overcome.. Thanks for your concern

10.11.2019 18:24

It's sad to hear this but be strong! Bad times aren't here to stay and if you overcome it, you'll look back to this day and smile.

10.11.2019 18:08

Surely, hard times comes to brith champions.. I'll win in Jesus name. Amen!

I appreciate your concern

10.11.2019 18:25