Adesojisouljay's exchange ; Happy new week, Please let us maintain a positive attitude with regards the whole maintenance going on on roqqu.

Hi friends,

Good evening and happy new week.

We want to welcome you to another new week of possibilities and better business opportunities. We Implore you not to be discouraged with the challenges coming up recently as things seem to get a little tough when a big break is near.


So we implore you all to stay strong and look out for ways to make the best of this period. We hope that the roqque upgrade will soon be completed, complaints resolved and situation normalized as soon as possible.

However let us maintain positive attitudes all the way. We are still in the process of determining our winners for last week and information will be passed on very soon.

We appreciate you all for your patience, understanding and coordination on this platform and we implore everyone to keep working to improve our lives and create legitimate wealth. We look forward to smooth transactions this week and we want you to win this week.

We are committed to serve you better and we will keep trying our best to improveand reinvent new ways to do so. Have a productive week and God bless you.




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