My Weekly Selection, 24th Week. Community World Of Xpilar.

World Of Xpilar

Analysis: This publication shows the history of the dark moments that every home victim of an attack can live, very strong..

Selection 2:

Title: Beautiful Wild Flowers

Autor: @mirla33

Analysis: I like the natural beauty of flowers, so I was struck by the photographs shown in this publication, very beautiful.

Selection 3:

Title: Morning art: Arabian man...

Autor: @gloriaolar

Analysis: An extraordinary drawing that shows the talent of our friend @gloriaolar.

In the 23th edition, a high extra incentive was achieved for the authors @pelon53, @nayita238 and @flacura50, which have been favoured with 10% of Steem and/or SBD generated in the publication related to My Weekly Selection 23th Week

The publication generated the following reward:


Therefore, after making the relevant calculations, the distribution of the reward is as follows,



As you can see, the extra reward for the selected publications is equivalent to a net profit vote of $0.412 in favor of the author, I hope the authors are satisfied with the benefit given through "My Weekly Selection".

It is important to let you know, that my selection will be based on the following analysis.


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28.09.2020 04:36

I'm so honored to be featured. Thank you so much.

28.09.2020 08:22

Grateful to see your good publications.

28.09.2020 23:45

@adeljose, muchas gracias por su apoyo

28.09.2020 13:19

Gracias a usted por participar con contenido de buena calidad en nuestra World of Xpilar Community.

28.09.2020 23:47

@adeljose, agradecida por el honor y el apoyo. Que sigan los éxitos. Abrazos

29.09.2020 18:02