My Weekly Selection, 16th Week. Community World Of Pilar

World Of Xpilar deserve to receive prizes, however, I can only support 10 of them with the proceeds of this publication, where each one will receive 10% of the paid SBD or Steem. The beneficiaries are the following:

Nro Usuario Link Nro Usuario Link
1 @sandu Link 6 @betzaelcorvo Link
2 @emilysarahi Link 7 @daanielaa Link
3 @Nevlu123 Link 8 @josevas217 Link
4 @marcybetancourt Link 9 @crissanch Link
5 @hive-us Link 10 @lismarcarolina2 Link

In the fifteenth edition a high extra incentive was achieved for the selected authors, they were @giocondina, @theresa16 and @maurisach who were favoured with 20% of the Steem and SBD generated in the publication concerning to My Weekly Selection 15th Week.

The publication generated the following reward:


Therefore, after making the relevant calculations, the distribution of the reward is as follows,



As you can see, the extra reward for the selected publications is equivalent to a net profit vote of $0,419 in favor of the author, I hope the authors are satisfied with the benefit given through "My Weekly Selection".

It is important to let you know, that my selection will be based on the following analysis.


Use the World Of Pilar

I invite you to visit the World Of Xpilar,

World Of Xpilar

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02.08.2020 13:37

Una estupenda selección, los participantes se animan muchisimo a realizar estas composiciones artisticas @adeljose, felicitaciones encantadoras.

02.08.2020 16:45