Understanding How God works

Glory is the product of wisdom.
Proverbs 4 vs 7-8
When wisdom is put to work, the result is double honour. Joel 2 vs 2, when shame is present that means wisdom is lacking not helping.
Wisdom is born of divine inspiration.
Wisdom is finding out God way and putting it into work. Wisdom takes challenges from the root and brings out the solution. Wisdom is not just About words but about works.

Wisdom is not available to those who claim to know. It is not what you know, it is how wise you are. Wisdom makes the difference not intelligence.

Divine wisdom is close to love and humility.

James 3 vs 15. Wisdom that comes from God is gentle, peaceful, humble. Be quick to forgive, live a life of love. Don't be so hard with people, be merciful, believe in the best of others.

Don't make your situation higher than God word. Wisdom is the applied knowledge of the truth. When you add value for God purpose, God add value for your desire. Wisdom is access through a joyful heart.

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