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ADDAX Trading Game Round 2 Starts in Under 24 Hours - Monday 23 September 2019 - Free ADDAX Tokens!

I first announced the tentative date for ADDAX Round 2 in a post of another MAP FinTech program. At the time, the 23rd of September seemed a long way away; now, it's tomorrow. Actually, in my timezone, it's in about an hour. Monday, not the game. The game starts in about 24 hours from this post.

So, ADDAX Round 2 will start on Monday 23 September 2019 at 16:00 UTC. The game will last for 28 days.

Nobody has asked any questions, so I assume the rules and instructions are crystal clear.

If you wish to be there at the launch, make sure you check what time it is in your timezone, and what date it will be!

I already see a healthy-looking book of open buy orders on the ADDAX market, but we want more! More orders, more players, more trading!

So, as I've had a very busy weekend and been a bit lax with the marketing, it's up to you to help me out this time. No mountains of free TULIPS that people then forget about. Just a small amount of advertising ADDAX tokens in exchange for resteems.

Free ADDAX Tokens

I am giving away 10 ADDAX tokens to almost every user that resteems this post before the game starts!

10 ADDAX each to the first 10 resteemers, then a maximum of 40 more prizes issued randomly within the next 24 hours.

I will check that the usernames have a pulse. Prizes are at my discretion, they are not guaranteed.

So, potentially 500 Free ADDAX tokens. Enough for some extra profits but it won't disturb the mathematical distribution.

Talking of mathematics, I was thinking of getting all technical about the properties of different distributions. If anybody is, actually, interested then let me know. However, there is an interesting property in this ADDAX token distribution. We never got to see it, or experience it, in ADDAX Round 1 because the price rather froze below 5 cents and it took the whole game to get above it. One good reason why there are no buy-ins this time.

One of the strategies in these kinds of games is the decision about when the buying spree stops. There comes a point where most people think the price has gone high enough. But what is that point?

Well, in this distribution, it doesn't really matter! What does that mean? The average token price for the whole distribution flattens out at just over 75% of the highest token price paid. This is in contrast to a flat distribution where every price-point has the same number of tokens; in this case, the average remains at 50% of the highest priced token.

Let me give just one example. At a price of 30 cents, assuming those tokens are all sold, the average price per token would be about 75% of this, more precisely 22.60 cents. What this means is that the ADDAX fund would need to earn an extra 7.40 cents in order for everyone playing to be in profit. But 7.40 cents is just about 32% profit for those 28 days.

Interesting? But if the price rises to double that figure, or 60 cents, doing the same calculation yields exactly the same required profit of just above 32% to guarantee that everybody wins. It's really a psychological effect of seeing the price keep rising with somehow nothing underneath it.

For those who have not played ADDAX before, we shall publish the game's asset backed value (ABV) every day so that the game is as open and transparent as possible.

So... see you in 24 hours!

... and don't forget to RESTEEM!

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