Get in shape challenge with Actifit & APPICS!

Few weeks ago, we told you it's coming, we mentioned it earlier today, and our friends at appics just announced it ...

Yes it's here .. we are super excited to introduce our mega contest for the start of 2020, in partnership between Actifit & Appics to bring in cool rewards & fitness motivation to you ! :)

Check the video below for a quick intro .. and read on for the gravyy :D

special thanks to @danielschmunk for the amazing video!

What is the challenge about?

It’s a new year, a new decade - but always the same new year’s resolution: get fit! move more! live a healthier lifestyle!
And now, you can even get rewarded with cryptocurrency for getting in shape with two of your favorite dApps, Actifit and APPICS!

Earlier this month, we got together with the Actifit team to discuss a possible collaboration of dApps on the STEEM blockchain. Since it’s the time of the year when everyone sets goals, we agreed to create a challenge and reward everyone who gets in shape with us!

So now it’s up to YOU - are you joining our challenge to get more fit, have fun, and earning (more) rewards over the next 6 weeks? Let’s do it!

How you can participate:

  1. Create a Steem account by signing up on Simply visit this link which features a special FREE account creation promo code for the event
    1. Download the Actifit App Android / iOS to track and post your fitness activity reports. In your first post, set your target: do you want to lose weight? bulk up? or strengthen a specific part of your body?
  2. Download the APPICS App Android / iOS to post your weekly progress report video.
    For your first post, create a video that shows a weigh-in using your home scale, with a paper that holds your username, date, and #getinshapechallenge. You can alternatively use tape measuring if that’s what you prefer, or if you are trying to bulk up. This will apply to all your weekly progress reports.
  3. Use the hashtag #getinshapechallenge on every post.
  4. Keep going for 6 weeks, track your progress, and get rewarded!

How you get rewarded:

  • The more activity and progress reports you post, and the further you progress, the higher your rewards!
  • As always, every actifit post with at least 5,000 activity earns STEEM, AFIT, and SPORTS tokens from upvotes.
  • Using the #getinshapechallenge hashtag will enable you to extra upvotes from the @actifit.appics account, which will distribute rewards in APPICS tokens (APX).
  • Progress report videos posted on the APPICS App will earn STEEM and APX tokens from upvotes of the APPICS account, at the rate of one per week.
  • In addition, special APX rewards will be distributed:
    -- A total of 3 Appics progress reports & 12 Actifit activity reports (with hashtag #getinshapechallenge) will earn you an extra 50 APX + 500 AFIT tokens.
    -- A total of 5 Appics progress reports & 20 Actifit activity reports (with hashtag #getinshapechallenge) will earn you an extra 100 APX + 1,000 AFIT tokens.
    -- A total of 6 Appics progress reports & 24 Actifit activity reports (with hashtag #getinshapechallenge) with proven progress will earn you an extra 200 APX + 2,000 AFIT tokens.
  • Grand prize: 5 Top participants with the most recorded progress and actual progress (chosen by the actifit & appics teams) will also earn the grand prize of 1,000 APX + 10,000 AFIT tokens each!

If you have any questions about the challenge, please get in touch with the Actifit team (Discord or Telegram) and the APPICS Team on Telegram , we’d be happy to help you out.

Let’s start this new decade making a positive impact to our health and fitness!

We can’t wait for all your contributions to the #getinshapechallenge - see you on Actifit and APPICS!

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Love this contest!! I just got back on track with actifit this week, and got appics going also. Good times to be a steemian!! Looking forward to seeing peoples posts, and voting as many as I can.

03.02.2020 19:41

wow nice contest ongoing. i am so excited.

05.02.2020 03:14

Great teamup! I did get the appics app but it wouldnt accept my keys 😝

03.02.2020 19:55

that's odd, did you try using the private posting key? feel free to join them on telegram to help with your issue.

04.02.2020 14:12

Tried em all, will try again one day soon 😀

04.02.2020 19:06

You should be able to log in with your private posting key as well as your active key.

06.02.2020 13:05

Ill try again today 😎

06.02.2020 14:05

Curated on SportsTalkSocial!
Keep up the good work! 🏂
DFacademy Team 🎯

04.02.2020 03:03

amazing 💙 ♬♬

04.02.2020 11:36

I couldn't find the appics app on the app store.

04.02.2020 05:42

Me tooo.

04.02.2020 09:00

hey @guurry123,
you need to use this link to join on iOS

04.02.2020 14:11

And what about android?

04.02.2020 19:11

You can register on and we will send you a link in order to download the android app

06.02.2020 13:04

Already done two days back..

06.02.2020 13:08

hey @roger5120,
you need to use this link to join on iOS

04.02.2020 14:10

I very much like this new partnership with Appics.

04.02.2020 10:11

great collaboration 💙
actifit X appics ♥

Posted using Partiko Android

04.02.2020 11:35

04.02.2020 15:41

Leggoooooo 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

04.02.2020 19:04

Que temperatura tan agradable....

04.02.2020 21:32

Great work

Posted using Partiko Android

05.02.2020 22:19

@actifit Slightly off topic here but is there a way to get AFITX token without buying it?

06.02.2020 20:03

was airdropped sometime ago, not surecqboit

08.02.2020 11:09

Yeah it was but I wasn't able to join but now I need some AFITX... 😕

08.02.2020 15:08

Only option is to hope someone gifts you some

09.02.2020 01:29

Nice idea. Just decided to download actifit again.

07.02.2020 13:56

Right on guys! This is a great opportunity for us avid afitters and for me anyway a wannabe Appicser!! Let's see how this goes.

07.02.2020 22:23

Hey 👋 buddy !
@actifit is awesome, always getting better and better. Unfortunately today I found a bug. Small one. Check my latest post. It’s showing 0 steps. I’ve made a post from my yesterday progress but the app suddenly forgot to add the amount of steps, while allowing me to post with 0 step progress, at the same time.

May the force be with you, pathfinders.

08.02.2020 03:51

I've tried building up some mass some time ago, but nothing changed.

08.02.2020 11:05