I am premiering now as Special Guest Curator in the Bodegones contest sponsored by @ntopaz, the contest focuses on three themes: manual design (drawing, painting, etc.), digital design (with software design) and photographic art. Here are the details of the contest:

We are pleased to announce the Still life Photography contest sponsored by @ntopaz

What is a Bodegón?

Bodegon, a still life photograph, is an artistic composition of several inanimate objects. Still life photographs can be represented with immobile natural materials, such as flowers, seeds, fruits and shells.
Or use everyday elements made by man, such as kitchen utensils, work tools or ornaments, which is creating a boom among photographers.
Crayons, pencils, paints and 3D objects can be used to create good artistic drawings manually.
The design software is also used as an artistic tool to create a good still life

Submission period

03:00 on 10 July 2019 (Wednesday) to 03:00 24 July 2019 (Wednesday) (all times UTC local time Korea)

Rules of participation

  1. Must be the first entry in the nTOPAZ platform

    2. Mention the model of the camera or technique for the manual production or design process (include the step-by-step process)

    3. Each artist can submit up to three works

    4. Must be uploaded on the contest page on

    5. Copyright: responsible for any claims and arising issue from copyright violations

    6. No recycling

    7. NSFW entries will not be accepted

    8. Low-quality photographic images are not allowed


    Gold (1 person): Token of 10,000 TOPAZ (TPZ)

    Silver (2 person): Token of 5,000 TOPAZ (TPZ)

    Bronze (3 person): Token 3,000 TOPAZ (TPZ)

    The photos submitted will be curated and selected by nTOPAZ and Special Guest Curator (@acostaeladio)

    When submitting your work, follow the contest instructions and publication guidelines

    Spam is not allowed and you can always get a guide from the team of active coordinators.

Contest Voting Standards

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Weeeeeeeee! esto me da mucha alegría. por cierto, dejame felicitarte, tus diseños estan divinos.

10.07.2019 11:38

me anoto en esta competencia

10.07.2019 16:53

Excelente tema @acostaeladio, bienvenido!!! Ojala no sea solo por esta vez que estés con nosotros. ;)

10.07.2019 22:21
I have received several messages regarding the contest of still lifes, for which I see it necessary to make the following clarifications with the aim of serving as a guide for all participants.
  • Making a bodegón is not opening the fridge and taking a picture of the vegetable drawer
  • Making a bodegón is not going to the florist and taking a picture of a bunch of flowers
  • Making a bodegón is not going to the supermarket and taking a picture of the fruits that are on display for sale
All the previous examples have something in common, their elements are inanimate, but they did not go through a process of Artistic Composition which must be done by the author of the post exclusively for the nTopaz contest.
How do I make a Still Life?
As poetically it is said that photography is the art of painting with light, designing a still life is like painting with elements already created or existing; You look for the seashell that you found on the beach, you remember the pen that your daughter found in school, today you see in your garden a beautiful flower, you already have several graphic elements, now you are looking for a fabric that serves as background, you mount all on a table, you start to move them from place to experiment with geometry, harmony, aesthetics, rhymes of colors, etc., you realize that something is missing, you search through the drawers of your bedroom and you find the missing key object. Now grab your camera, start taking pictures from various angles, playing with the focal light and YOU ALREADY HAVE A BODEGON!
They can make an exclusively photographic Still Life, using everyday items, with kitchen utensils (bucket, corkscrew, peeler, scraper, etc.), office supplies (pencil sharpener, cell phone , hearing aid, notebook, clip, tablet, etc.), carpentry tools, gardening tools, etc., etc., etc. What you are looking for is an art artistically created with elements of daily use; All the above corresponds to the new trends in Contemporary Still Life, because they can also make bodegónes by painting them in oil, watercolor, pencil, etc. As it is also valid to use design software to create good bodegónes.
What is understood as artistic composition?
It is the alignment of the elements to be used to create geometry between them, it can be a geometry in triangle, rectangle, square, star, straight line (row), keeping symmetry, or an asymmetric geometry. In the composition also comes into play the size of the elements, colors, texture and materials (glass, wood, plastic, etc.), when it is a photographic still this composition is logically made by the author of the post exclusively for the contest of nTopaz in the comfort of your office or your home in a makeshift mini studio to which you will add your own touches and styles.
In this way we have three types of still life:
  • Classic still life: Is one that is painted with watercolor, oil or drawn with crayons in which everyday elements of the kitchen are expressed: A cup, bottle, fruit, etc, that is the still life of the ancient Romans, Greeks , etc.
  • Photographic Still Life: It is a still life that complies with all the parameters already explained, but only photographed
  • Digital Still Life: It is a still life that complies with all the parameters already explained, but made with design software
A new style called Contemporary Still Life has emerged, consisting of using kitchen utensils, work tools, office supplies, sports equipment, etc. whether they are painted, photographed or designed by computers.
I hope that this clarification encourages you much more when preparing your still lifes, we are ready for any questions or help on the subject.
Special Guest Curator

13.07.2019 12:49

Hello @acostaeladio, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

13.07.2019 15:03